nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Dream - 7_23_05

Another "save people from zombies" dream.

This time it was England. The remaining crew consisted of about 5 people including myself.
Neither my wife or child where there. However one of the people was actress Elisabeth Sladen
who played Sarah Jane from Dr. Who. (Still looking as young as ever I might add.)
We even had a quiet but slightly bizarre discussion on how all the props she used in
Dr. Who had rotted and crumbled away by that time. I remember distinctly showing her what looked
like a hand crank for something but made of plaster and also a fake stone. Both crumbling.

One of the other people was the actor who played the telepath in Rose Red. Not sure why he was there.

Anyway we all ended up at this old English mansion near an airfield with nothing but small planes
lined up on it. We had to get onto the plane at the end of the line that looked like a cross between
a giant ultralight and one of those rubber-band powered wind-up gliders. It was the only thing that
would carry us all to where the ship was stashed so we we could leave the planet for Mars.

I and another person (I think it was the telepath) stupidly went back to get a book from the mansion for the trip. We were caught
and held by the zombies. I think we managed to break free but that was near when I woke up so I don't know.

I do know that the most bizarre part of the dream was that the zombies were singing what sounded like
a showtune though I don't recall the words or tune now.
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