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A slightly less moldy restart...

March 17, 2008 11:28 AM

So I’m sitting at the local park district overlooking the water retention pond listening to the iPod in the van after eating some lunch.

It’s different than the restaurant but not too different from when I used to take my paper journal to lunch with me and write in it years ago.

There’s a billion access points from where I am but I’ve got my airport card turned off because I don’t want to be a dick and steal access. If I want remote broadband I’ll get a Sprint EVDO dongle and pay the extra money.

Which is where all this is of course headed - a restart of my habits because I no longer have the money to do some of the things that I used to do. For instance I had some horrible fast food today - (the red-haired pigtailed girl strikes again) - instead of going to the restaurant and it comes out to half the dollars. It’ll be even less when we start shopping for vegetables and such and I start bringing lunch with me and considerably healthier.

But I’ve gotta start somewhere. I figure I may be able to eat at the restaurant about once a month if I’m lucky but it probably won’t be a priority.

My sister and I, thanks to the funding of my mother, father, and her, went to see Cats last night. Even in the back row (almost) the show was just what I expected and pretty damn cool. :-)

I have a problem with concerts and shows though...

( Warning! Magic/Spiritual/Funky content ahead! )

I’ve always been extremely sensitive to the emotions and...mental noise...of those around me. So much so that unless I’m really in tune with the crowd around me I have a hard time. It’s like this buzzing in the back of my head.

So you can imagine what it sounds/feels like when I get into a theatre of people.

So as a defense I had to figure out how to deal with these things. With small groups I have managed to kind of filter it out - bitbucket so to speak.

But with really large groups I found something much better to do.

I’ve found that I kind of, for lack of a better term, relay and amplify the emotions of the crowd and feed them back into the crowd/performers. This bleeds off anything that would normally overwhelm me. I don’t know what effect it has on the crowd if any but I’ve had...comments...from people in the past that they could tell I was sort of enhancing the experience somehow. (One person came up to me unbidden and point-blank asked me how I did what I did one time. I told him I don’t know.)

Regardless it leaves me exhausted but not overwhelmed and that makes all the difference to handling those situations.

End of funky stuff.

Went and dropped off the keys yesterday and picked up a final box. Turns out I left my hose there and my daughter’s sandbox. I’ll probably get those this week some time. Regardless there’s nothing else there besides those things.

My wife wants everything unpacked in 6 weeks - I personally think she’s dreaming - so over the next few weeks I’m going to go back to my Wednesday off schedule so I can get things done at home and at work. (Personally I know of a buttload of people that took a full year or more to unpack anything so I don’t know what the rush is here. Maybe the clutter is actually getting to her. *boggle*)

Going to do a temporary repair on my truck this evening that will allow me to drive it again even if it means even _worse_ gas mileage than it got before. Worse than 14 mpg will suck badly but I don’t really have a choice - we need the second vehicle and the garage is not cleaned out so I can’t do the repair fully yet. *shrug*

Back to work for me...

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Mar. 18th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
6 weeks? ROLF... oh yeah, she's dreaming. We moved a year and a half a go, and I still haven't unpacked the framed artwork (cuz I can't decide where it goes), and there's at least 3 boxes in my sewing room, and I know he has a couple in his computer room. Hell, I didn't get my crystal unpacked and into the china cabinet until about 3 months ago, even tho the cabinet was ready and waiting from day 3...
Mar. 19th, 2008 01:55 am (UTC)
Indeed. For all the moving she did when she was a kid this is entirely different.

For instance both halves of the 2.5 car garage are filled with stuff - a good portion of it my computer and electronics collection. For that "stuff" to be organized I have to empty at least one side of the garage into the house, insulate the garage properly, build my electronics/computer workbenches and storage, then unpack and install all my systems and gear.

However I do have a minor reprieve in that there's enough of a dry and temperate basement space to put my servers into so they can run and/or be stored out of the way until all is settled in the garage.

I figure I can get most of it done in 6 months but not 6 weeks.

I did get some good news though from my brother-in-law who's in HVAC - the garage isn't going to explode due to the gas lines to that furnace out there. :-) I was kind of worried about that but his exact words were "Will it explode - no. Would I eventually replace it - yes." So I don't have to be too concerned with a leak in those pipes at least.
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