nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Pasta and the space between...

March 20, 2008 11:18 AM

So we cooked our first actual mean last night, (pasta the food of many a poor new homeowner), and I didn’t eat a bite of it I was so tired and frustrated because nothing seemed to be going right yesterday.

Fortunately I seem to be making some progress today. I got a few things off my plate today at work and when I get home I will probably be putting boxes in the upper portion of the garage in between the rafters and such. (Provided the floor up there is stable - one part is made of an old door.) Went out and bought a simple commercial metal ladder yesterday for just such a purpose. Anyway putting the boxes up there should help me organize the garage faster so I can fix my truck and set up my electronics and computer areas out there.

On another note here’s a sad commentary on our litigious society - I had to sign and mail an indemnity form. Not for insurance. Not for shipping. Not for anything security related.

For watermelon seeds.

Yes. Watermelon seed.

Turns out that someone somewhere must have sued Seedsavers because their watermelon seeds didn’t grow. So I had to sign a form stating that I was aware that Seedsavers was not responsible for things that cause watermelons to fail. I believe it was a particular type of disease that they stated but you get the idea.

When did home gardening start to require legal representation? In any other country people would likely laugh their ass off at someone suing someone else because their watermelon crop THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR failed to grow.

Want your crop to grow? THEN TAKE CARE OF IT!

And even _then_ recognize the fact that growing plants always has an element of chance to it that you will never eliminate no matter how hard you try. Heck even in hydroponics systems it’s a delicate balancing act of nutrients, water, light, and waste and those are pretty well controlled.

*sigh* People need to wake up and take responsibility for their lives.

Speaking of which I really need to finish cleaning my office and setting up the second desk in there. Also I need to set up the desk for my daughter’s room. Still a great may things that should be in my office and set up but aren’t. I’m hoping to have the computer stuff set up out in the garage soon but our society behooves me to set up a security system of some kind before that happens.

I’d like to use something home-built but there’s a lot of benefit to having a system that calls the police automatically. I’ll have to figure out what’s available. I do know one thing - I will be setting up a web cam in there that uploads to the web server in the house. That way I at least have some inkling of what’s going on if something bad happens. Thankfully there’s a simple Macintosh program that will do what I want it to do. I might even be able to set it up so it saves to an NFS share that the webserver automatically draws from. That would rock actually.

Plans as usual. Now I just have to get them all done without pissing off the universe again...
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