nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Pining for the fijords...

March 24, 2008 11:21 AM

So I managed to get a bunch of stuff moved out of the one bay in the garage but it’s not quite empty yet. I should be able to get it finished when I get home today and start work on the minivan tonight. Thankfully the rental, a pale yellow retro-toaster - *ahem* sorry - PT Cruiser, has unlimited mileage since we’re renting it for an entire week. If I had to pay mileage on the rental I’d be taking more time off work - and I can’t do that right now.

The jack post in the garage seems to be fulfilling its function quite nicely. Once everything is sorted out I will likely pull all that ceiling down and re-do it from scratch. That’s a fairly ambition project but not one that is beyond my abilities.

I did figure out one major thing over the weekend - we need an air purifier in the bedroom. Here’s how I found out.

I had to put on a vented dust mask to shuffle things in the garage. (For those buying temporary dust masks spend the $5 and get the one with the breathing vent in the front - it’ll be well worth it.)

So while I was wearing it in the garage I didn’t cough once. Went inside, cleaned up, dusted off, took off the mask, and five minutes later I was coughing again.

So needless to say we need to air out the house - not a big deal - and we need to finish all the unpacking. So maybe my wife gets her wish and we’ll get all this done is six weeks. (A side point is that we just moved out of a place that had a cat and our stuff probably has cat dander on it and stirring all that up is probably part of the problem.)

Met one of our neighbors yesterday - seems like a nice lady. She revealed the likely mystery person who plowed our driveway - the guy across the street. Have to do something nice for him soon.

Still no sign of my indemnified watermelon seeds - nor any sign of the mortgage check being cashed. Both are important to me - one obviously more than the other.

Need to really get the computer rack moved downstairs. I need to get those servers out of the one office and into the slightly more temperate space. I need to make sure the power and phones are run though otherwise it won’t work. I think the basement is on a separate circuit but I’ll have to make sure. Regardless it means running a cable to the phone box outside so that the DSL is taken care of.

Yuck. I hate spider-webs...
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