nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

And that sucking sound you hear...

April 4, 2008 11:11 AM the sound of the carbs on my bike being empty of fuel.

I’m so embarrassed. I thought there was an electrical problem with my bike in the parking lot this morning because of the rain and it turned out that I was below where I should have been on “reserve” in the gas tank.

So after getting a jump start and then driving halfway to the bank and having it bog again and switching it to reserve and having it run fine I was a little irritated. Then going right to a gas station and putting 3.7 gallons of gas into it made me feel like a complete noob. *DOH!*

So needless to say with the cold weather my bike is getting less than stellar mileage. Better than either the truck or the mini-van but still not great. I was getting 42 last year and today it rang in at 28. I’m betting though that that might be related to the weather and temp and the fact that she’s been stored for a year. So I’ll run some tanks of premium through her and put some Seafoam cleaner in the tank and see what happens. But right now I have to remember to fill her up every other day just in case.

In other news I’m still damn tired and worn out. Hopefully we can get a bunch of stuff sorted out this weekend and I will be able to start working on some personal projects and relaxing for a bit. I know there’s tons of stuff to do but I really want to get my seedlings started and clean up the garden. There’s a lot of dead vegetation in there that needs to be removed.

There’s still a little ground water in the basement but it’s slowly coming out of the space where they cut out the wall that needs to be filled in. Unfortunately I’ve got to at least close that off if I’m going to put computer equipment and stuff down there. I’ll probably put a door on the opening to the crawl-space as well so there’s no airflow between those two spaces.

*checks internal status*

Damn. Still embarrassed. And it’s going to be worse going back to the office because I’ll have to openly admit it and take my lumps from the seasoned riders there.

*sigh* Oh well...some things are unavoidable.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the transfer case this weekend and repair my truck soon. That way I won’t be stuck if another vehicle dies or something. I fully intend to ride the bike though every day I can so barring torrential rains, tornados, or snow I’ll be on two wheels.

Still need to do more organization to my office. There’s a lot more that needs to go in there that isn’t in there right now and there are a fair amount of boxes in the way right now. And even worse I need to get a chair in there to do the taxes on the iMac so I can’t just block things in and re-arrange that way. Blech.

Then there’s the fact that several of the patio stones and sidewalk stones in the front walkway have sunk deep and are overgrown. I’m going to have to pull them out and put gravel in those spots and either replace the stones or put them back down. There’s a concrete pad right off the front porch/deck that I think, long term, I’m going to break up and then extend the porch/deck out to the dimensions of the pad. I think that will add some curb appeal to the house and give a small summer patio area even if it is in the front yard rather than the back. Have to check with the wife though to see what she thinks.

Then there’s my weather station I have to put up. I have to run a wire to it so I’ll likely mount it near a vent and run the wire through one of the screen holes. CAT-5E isn’t all that thick so I think that will be fine. Hopefully I should be able to integrate the One-Wire system with something like MRTG or another web scripting engine. That way I can track the weather data over time and display it on the web server. That will be cool...
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