nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A little less of a dufus today...

April 7, 2008 11:07 AM

So I remembered to put gas in the bike on the way to work today so there’s no repeat of what happened last week. The calculations come out at about 35 mpg which isn’t good as far as the bike is concerned but it also isn’t bad compared to any other vehicle in my wife and I’s possession.

And I just noticed that there’s a run in my tie. Bah! *sigh* I guess I’ll have to cut the thread carefully when I get back to the office and pick up a new tie at the end of the week.

Called a number of junkyards about the transfer case for my ‘93 Dakota and only one could get it for me. I’m waiting for a check from the credit union to pay for that tomorrow and then I’ll call them back. Supposedly, through several sources, the transfer case is only for my year truck and not any other. The model number is NP231D which appears to be pretty rare when I dig around for it. And given how much abuse mine has gone through it’s no wonder nobody has them because likely they don’t go bad most of the time. Because there’s a _lot_ of 4wd ‘93 Dakota pickups out there on the road...

Anyway he doesn’t need a core in exchange so what I think I’m going to do is save up my money and buy a rebuild kit for it so that I have a replacement if the used one conks out down the road. That would be best I think.

In the meantime the bike is running well. *knocks on wood* There’s supposed to be thunderstorms this week off and on so I’m not sure if we’ll have to do the single-vehicle thing or not. If we do it’ll likely only be tomorrow as that’s supposed to be the worst of it. The rest of the week should be quite ridable with the rain gear.

My wife will likely hurt me but I ordered some saddlebags from JC Whitney ($46 total). They should do fine for my bike and will help me do more things on the bike like carry small parts places and not have to put my notebook in my jacket during lunch.

And...I hate to admit it but the back tire of my bike is looking a little worn. Not bad just yet but it’s going to need replacement this year. Checking on prices it looks like 120/90/18 tires run about $150 or so a piece. Not cheap but if I need it I need it. Thankfully I’ve got time on this one.

Despite what my wife thinks we do have enough money for all this. We’re depleting the bank account but I _planned_ that to happen. The extra money in there is in there for just these purposes. The things we need to buy after the move. I still intend to buy an LCD TV for the living room which will cost us about $500 total but once again that’s a _planned_ expense.

Anybody seen Tremors? “I gots me a PLAN!” ;-)

Regardless we’re not depleting our reserves was my point - just our extra spending money. After that’s gone we’ll still be on track to pay bills and pay the mortgage just fine. (We’ve already got May’s payment in the large account and part of June’s as well.)

I’m sure though that we’ll find more stuff that we need to get. The trick will be to spread those purchases over time so we can use the money in the credit union account without touching the reserves that we have in there.

One thing I am justifying is eating at the restaurant. If I’m riding the bike the money I save in gas more than pays for the food on those days and I can really use the better quality food until we get set up with stuff at home.

It might sound strange but I’m actually thinking of doing a bento style lunch that I can take every day. Unfortunately I have to make sure I have fresh ingredients and prepare the lunches the night before for that to work. I did find a neat little cylindrical bento pail on Amazon. I don’t have a link handy but if you search Amazon for Mr. Bento you should get the object right away. It’s not cheap but it also looks to be fairly good quality and will be just fine on the back of the bike.

And I’m going to want to be on the back of the bike as much as I can from now on...
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