nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Time for another episode of...

April 8, 2008 4:03 AM

...Reoccurring Nightmare Theater!

I had one of my regularly occurring nightmares that comes around about once every six months or so.

Basically I’m with a group of high tech people and we’re visiting a very futuristic mental institution. This is somewhere in the later future where people have technical body mods, high tech gadgets, and other stuff.

This place is not completed yet but is already housing patients in the lower levels - some really nasty ones.

So anyway the group consists of myself, the one Asian lady who plays a Cylon on Battlestar Galactica (Grace Park), the lady who played the doctor (Weaver?) with a crutch on ER (Laura Innes) though without the crutch this time, somebody Tom Cruise like but not him playing the hero, someone like a heavier set Richard Chevolleau (Auger from Earth Final Conflict), and the actress Linsday Crouse.

Anyway I’m there as a tourist of some sorts, Laura Innes is with me inspecting facilities. Others are off doing other things in the facility and of course something goes terribly wrong. (As usual I think it’s a computer that’s gone batshit.)

The whole thing is so disjointed at this point because I’ve been awake for a couple hours now but a couple of scenes stick in my mind.

This facility is large and not completed at the upper levels yet. (Steel, girders, industrial - you know the setting. The lower lever though is hallways with brushed steel doors.) So for some reason Laura and I are in the lower levers inspecting things and there’s an alarm and Lindsay (in the role of an administrator or doctor or something) say there’s no chance to fix things and promptly tricks me into putting her in a disintegration chamber and at the same time unlocking all the doors on the containment cells.

This of course sends all the inmates running towards Laura and I in the elevator while brandishing all manner of nasty metal evil implements of destruction and of course covered in various amounts of blood. I pick up the only thing in the elevator which is a cordless sawzall and wave it wildly in the elevator opening in the hopes of keeping the insane ones at bay until we can get the doors closed. Insert the usual horror scene here of trying to get the elevator door closed with a bunch of insane people trying to break through. We manage to get the door closed and head upstairs.

Upstairs the one guy (the hero) is trying to get the main large freight elevator fixed. For some reason we can’t get inside the elevator so we have to ride on top of it. (In the background is Grace who is a computer tech who has lost it and is wandering around like a lost inmate herself.)

So we clamber onto the top of the elevator because the only way to get out is to go down to the lower freight entrance and get out that way. While we’re on the elevator the cables start to snap and the elevator tilts. I’m not sure what happens then but I think we lose Grace.

Auger (Richard) activates his implants and basically turns into a large “techno spider” and welds the final cable while “our hero” does something to stabilize the elevator.

And that’s about when I woke up.

I know I’ve missed a lot but this one will be back so I’ll try and catch more of it next time around. I don’t have the one laptop set up for dream journaling yet because the power supply is bad.
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