nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Some joys I can do without...

April 9, 2008 9:21 PM

So I stayed home today because I have a great many things to do at home AND a great many things to do at work on Sunday when no one is around.

I got up and motivated at around 7 a.m. and among other things started cleaning. One of the things to do was unload and load the dishwasher.

That’s where all the trouble started...

I load the dishwasher and go to clean out the sink to do the items that can’t go in the dishwasher (wooden spoons, wood handle knives, etc.) and notice that the sink is not draining very well at all.

So being the good homeowner I take everything out of both sides of the sink, plug one side, and use a plunger on the other.

Up comes black silt. Unfortunately I knew what that meant.

My old nemesis - we meet again.

I had last seen said black silt at a friend’s house that I helped replace the main water pipe under the house. His pipe was an old galvanized pipe that had had well water pumped through it for all of its life.

Guess what kind of pipe I have in my house...

So I figure I’ll take the traps off an use a drain snake on it.

I pull the traps off but the rest of the main pipes are large, heavy, and old. I managed to knock the left-hand trap output loose using a sledgehammer and put the drain snake in there. Which promptly broke its plastic housing and became useless.

This is about the time I figured I’d bitten into something rotten.

So I clean up the fittings and put it all back together...and it leaks.


Ok so I get on the bike and go pick up a replacement trap.

The pipes above it leak.


Back to the store to get more parts.

The parts above those leak.

At this time I decided that cleaning up, waiting for my wife to come home, and having a bottle of Guiness was far more important than being covered in nasty black silt and water.

So I did that and we all went to the local Home Depot after she and our daughter got home. I managed to get all the parts I needed to make it all not leak any more but I still have the original problem. Turns out if you look at that picture again you’ll see why: <----That’s actually the drain NOT the fresh water pipe.

The galvanized pipe upstairs goes into that tiny copper line then goes back into the other galvanized pipe. So between that and the silt it’s no wonder the damn drain empties so slowly!

The dream of homeownership should not include crappy plumbing! Bah!

Worse yet I’m out of Guiness at the moment. A crime I say!

I’m going to bed now dammit. *grumble* Crappy pipes... *grumble*
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