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Can I go home now?

April 10, 2008 11:21 AM

Today sucks.

Last night after I finished temporarily dealing with The Pipes of Deathly Black Goo I started coughing really badly. I pretty much coughed on and off all last night and didn’t sleep well. (One of the guys suggested that maybe it was mold or something in the sediment which is quite possible.) Tonight I’m going to take a magnet to those pipes just to make damn sure they’re actually galvanized just in case.

Anyway today I feel like death warmed over. *BRAAAAINS!*

So today my head is pounding and I’m really really tired and really just want to go home. Depending on if my part for my truck is available I might take tomorrow off as a vacation day.

*sigh* Unfortunately I have far too much to do at the office so I likely won’t take the day off.

And I shouldn’t be eating out for lunch but I am. We’re not set up for me to make lunches from home yet.

I did manage to get my bell pepper seeds started yesterday. I’m using plantable pots with the compressed peat coins in each one and a plastic tray underneath to hold the water. I have a complete row of orange peppers, a complete row of purple peppers, and a partial row of Wisconsin Lake peppers which are a nice shade of red.

I set them up in a Western facing window on a thick table above the floor vent so the temperature should be pretty constant and they should get enough sun. I’m thinking about one of the LED grow-lamps or at least one of the CF ones.

I still have to tear out all the old dead vegetation out in the garden and turn over the dirt that’s out there. The place is not currently overgrown so it’s easy to see where everything is to remove it. It’s a lot of work but it’ll be nice when it’s done.

I’m so tired of having a day job. I’d love nothing more than to retire and have something like a simple part-time job to help pay some of the extra stuff. But that’s unlikely until we pay off our PMI at the very least.

We’re still having trouble getting stuff organized at home. Had I not spent the day yesterday messing with slow-running pipes I likely would have gotten quite a bit done and at least out of the way so the rest of the stuff could start coming in from the garage. I may or may not put the computer rack downstairs. It might be worthwhile to run an AC unit out there in the summer but I don’t know. I think my wife would have a problem if we had AC in the garage and not in the house. ;-)

Stalled almost completely on any of my creative projects. Got a couple of the parts for the wind generator but nothing else. The garden is about all I’m moving on creatively right now and when it comes down to it that’s a matter of survival more than anything.

But right now the most annoying thing in my life? My tie. I want to put it in a wood chipper so it no longer bothers me. Die tie! Diiiiie!
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