nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I'm beginning to hate things...

April 11, 2008 11:13 AM

I probably shouldn’t whine though. There’s far too much to do and I really feel way overloaded. It never seems to lighten up lately.

So I’ll probably price PVC pipe and fittings tonight or tomorrow to re-do the stretch of drain from the kitchen sink completely. All-in-all it shouldn’t be that expensive but handling on top of everything else going on at home and at work is troublesome. And when things get overloaded like this I tend to make mistakes. And I don’t really want to make a mistake with the plumbing because the results of said mistakes could be seriously bad.

It cleared up a little today but it’s going to rain later this afternoon. Next week is supposed to be better so I’ll be able to ride the bike to work. Hopefully the transfer case will be in today and we can pick it up on Monday and have my truck repaired the following weekend.

I really need a vacation. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take one this week or next. I doubt I’ll be able to take one any time soon due to the current atmosphere at where I work.

To top it all off my iPod has decided that it’s database is corrupt so it shows no songs but only 5 gig of 15 gig free. AND to add insult to injury I won’t be able to post this until I get back to the office because I forgot my cell phone today.

This is one of those points where I can tell how overloaded I am by how things act around me. Mysterious technology failures, minor errors that compound themselves, etc. All signs that i am currently beyond my capacity. And that’s okay.

Why is that okay? Because it’s only temporary - as is anything else in the universe. Yes there will likely be long-lasting after-effects of these events but like the ringing of a bell the vibrations get less and less as time goes by. A temporary note in a universe of music.

The problem I think is that I don’t understand the tune nor how to play the instruments I’ve been given.

So to that end I’ll keep doing what I need to do to survive and try and expand myself in other directions. Things like music and writing, art, inventing, and many other things.

That reminds me - does anybody know of a good name generator for OSX? I’ve got something I’m writing besides the webcomic that I need to generate some names for but the one widget I installed massively spiked my processor badly. I’m looking to generate everyday names of people in a future space-faring universe. Shipmates, admiralty, traders, etc. but no aliens. At least I don’t think there are any aliens...

I have to really get moving on the stuff at home because I’m in desperate need of my own personal space. Once again my wife has the bedroom currently, our daughter has her room, and I’m on the couch...

I drew up floor-plans for the garage the other day. What I’m planning is to tear off the peg board and move it to the left half of the garage. Then on the right half build my work tables and computer areas. The right side will also hold the small drink fridge, the couch, and if I get really lucky a pool table. Likely I will have to black out the front of the windows in the garage or at least put dark smoked window tinting on them so people can’t see in easily.

I’m also going to put in some cameras and an alarm system because if I’m going to have all that equipment out there I will need to keep it safe. The cameras will likely be the wireless ones that work on a motion-detection basis. Since those require power what I’ll do is power them off a battery backup with a remote control switch so that they don’t operate while I’m there but I can easily turn them on and off. Likely I’ll get a properly coded switch to do that too so they don’t turn off/on accidentally.

I still want to move the cable ties up into the upper part of the garage and open up the ceiling in there. It’ll make the space so much better inside that garage. And if I open up the center I can hang my boat up there to get it out of the way. The two sides will be separate hanging platforms that attach to the walls on top of the studs on one side and held up by long studs dropped down from the upper rafters.

I started using Google Sketch-up to try and work out some of these details but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. I’ve got TurboCAD V2 2D/3D for the Mac on the way so we’ll see if that is easier to work with. What I’d really like is Solidworks for the Mac but that’s unlikely to ever happen because they are a Microsoft partner.

And I still need to get a lawnmower for the house and eventually fix my lawn tractor. On top of everything else...
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