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Zombie iPod Liiiives!

April 12, 2008 2:43 PM

So I managed to get my iPod working again but I lost everything on it. It’s got a lot more space free on it than it did in the past even after replacing the playlists I had on it before.

Which of course now bothers me because I don’t know what’s missing. I had files on it before as well as the music and I have no chance short of magical mystery hypnosis of remembering what those were. *sigh*

I suppose I should be glad that the iPod isn’t completely dead but it’s frustrating.

Other frustrating things in my life include kitchen piping that needs to be replaced. Today I took a chance and ran the dishwasher on “heavy load” and of course it filled the sink with water but not enough to be a pain. The normal wash works ok and since the dishwasher has a check valve nothing drains back into it so everything becomes clean. The annoying thing is that repairs on this will have to wait until next week due to money. PVC doesn’t cost all that much but I haven’t quite estimated what I need. And of course there’s always the “since I’m re-doing this I might as well fix this other thing as well...” situation. What it amounts to that I have to get under the house and dig into what it’s going to take to complete this project.

In brighter news we filed out taxes last night. YAY! Supposedly we’re getting a refund from both the federal and state gooberments. What we end up using that on will be a matter of debate when it gets deposited.
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