nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Seventeen and a half feet of pipe later...

April 21, 2008 11:23 AM

Our kitchen drain plumbing is now replaced for the most part. All that remains of the old pipe is about six inches of 2“ galvanized at the main sewer line and a copper/galvanized collection of pipes running up to the sink from the basement. Everything else is 2” PVC with two rubber adapters on either end.

The old pipe was so clogged that when I cut the galvanized end of it nothing came out but when I pulled the copper end out of the existing rubber coupler it dropped a bunch of water out into the crawl-space. Yuck. (I’ll put a fan down there tonight to hopefully dry some of that moisture out. It was already moist because there are no gutter extensions on the house.)

So it’s fixed now and that’s the last repair I _should_ have to do to that drain short of replacing the pipes from the basement into the sink itself. Which will likely not happen any time soon unless they start having problems. And I already replaced the traps on those things anyway so all that’s left is the galvanized and copper running from the traps to the PVC under the house. And that’s a short run and unlikely to clog due to it being vertical for most of the galvanized parts.

Turns out I didn’t need the heavy rubber glove - I did very little cementing. (Though I will admit here that I was lucky I had a PVC coupler as well as the PVC clean-out tee. I cut the shorter of the two lengths exactly six inches too short so I had to install the coupler, six inches of PVC, and then the clean-out tee. Newbie mistake and no big deal.) Everything that needed to be is seated snugly and cemented tight so I’m not worried.

In other venues I received the cheap, floppy, nylon saddle bags from J.C. Whitney for my bike this weekend. And....they don’t fit. Turns out they hang too low and brush the pipes so I’m going to have to find a different solution. I’d like to make my own but I’m still not at that point yet.

My pepper seeds have started germinating. I saw a half-dozen of the seeds with tails yesterday. That means I’ve got to get started on cleaning up the garden. We’re not quite out of the frost danger zone just yet but pretty damn soon we will be. And that means I need to have all those existing plants out of there and the soil turned over before that happens. Right now it’s nice and moist so I should go out there and start pulling things this week before the soil dries out.

Figured out the cost for the beginning modifications to the garage. (Not counting the power generation stuff or the upper rafter work.) It will cost me about $500 total to make that garage into my workspace with a place for the servers and other similar things. (Thankfully that’s a running total from start to finish of the project and does not have to be paid any time soon nor in one lump sum.) Since I can’t fix the water problem in the basement yet (the solution requires poured concrete) I will need to run an ethernet wire out to the garage and put the servers out there. We’ll have to see how that is going to work out. Yesterday it was 77 in there when I got home from work. While that’s okay for now it will quickly become too warm for computers out there - especially if they’re regularly running like servers are wont to do.

I found a $99 window-mounted AC unit that is for minor cooling of one room. I might consider getting one of those for the garage only because of the computers but if that works out we’ll look at getting a couple of those for the house. The cold-air return is in the living room so if I put one in there it should help cool the entire house if I set the furnace fan on. If I do that though I will likely get a more sophisticated thermostat. Something I can set to run the fans for a certain period of time then turn them off when we’re not there. Or maybe only run them for X period of time every Y hours. There should be a thermostat that can handle that.

If not I can develop something using microcontrollers and X10 modules once the workspace in the garage is finished.
Still waiting to get my wireless camera in the mail. I’m getting one at work to test that is almost the exact same model so at least I’ll know the capabilities before I send the one up to my mother. (Or deliver it but right now my schedule is not finalized.)

I don’t normally post work things here but this one is important. Last week I made a stand and informed everyone that I will no longer be handling things on an “as needed” basis and instead will be scheduling everything except true emergencies. Some people were not happy with this most certainly but I have to do it. I’ve been falling behind on my tasks due to bad scheduling and allowing interruptions because they were just easy to handle that way. That’s not going to happen any more. There’s only about three people in my immediate chain of command that I will allow to give me an immediate task and those three understand fully why I’m doing what I’m doing so I don’t think there’s any danger of them screwing my schedule...
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