nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Murphy was at the very least annoying...

April 22, 2008 10:45 AM

So because the weather forecast said it wasn’t going to rain until late afternoon->early evening I rode the bike today. On top of that since I have too much stuff in my backpack and since my saddlebags don’t fit my bike - I don’t have my rain gear.

This of course almost certainly means it’s going to rain. And I have a service call to go to today...

So...I’ll get wet. No big deal. As long as I take my time I’ll be fine. I’m more concerned about wind than about rain. With a 250+ pound man on top of a lightweight 650cc bike the whole assembly becomes slightly top-heavy. Just means I take things a little slower.

Speaking of slow I found the phone wire to the garage but I’m not sure if I want to connect it or not. It’s really, really, really old phone wire that had to have been installed by Ma Bell “back in the day”. Using a fox/hound combo I get a tone back to the jack in the garage from the demarc box but it doesn’t appear to be a really strong tone so I’m wondering if it will affect my ADSL if I re-connect it.

I’m seriously thinking about trenching the space between the garage and the house and re-doing everything. Point in fact I’m seriously considering having the old sewer line out there checked out and then disconnected from the existing line. Once that happens it can be cleaned out and I can use it to run anything I want between the house and the garage. I’ll have to either put a trench in the concrete in the garage so that the opening of the flange and the wiring is below the floor level a bit OR I’ll have to put a box over top of the whole thing. Either would work but one is more elegant than the other. And that should allow me to re-run the gas line as well provided the pipe runs straight out there then directly up.

I’m just concerned about the cost of trenching if I go a different direction and decide to run my own pipe out there. If it works out the sewer pipe would save me an awful lot of time and money. Just need to get a plumber with a camera system out there to figure out where it goes and to make sure that the city will allow me to use that as a general conduit if it’s disconnected from the sewer lines. If neither of those is possible then I’ll just have a plumber cap it all up below the floor level and be done with it.

I did the mileage calculations on my last tank of gas on the bike and I got 45 mpg which just rocks. Still have yet to repair the truck but other than if I want new seals, which I should buy really, I have all the necessary parts for the repair. All that’s left is time. And since I’m starting to schedule things that’s going to be getting a little better organized.

What’s not getting better organized is my office at home. I need to either get that under control or just jam stuff into corners and dump the garage computer/electronics stuff in there until I can get the garage suitable for a computer/electronics workspace.

Just got a response today from the one seller that I bought the camera from. They want me to forward the order confirmation e-mail to them which usually means that they lost the order. I’m not going to jump to conclusions just yet but it’s usually a bad sign...
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