nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Ring around the toadstools...

April 24, 2008 11:31 AM

So the scheduling thing at work appears to be helping things and people seem to be accepting it okay. I wonder how long that will last.

I really need to start doing that at home so I can get the stuff there under control. I’m not after scheduling all my family time but once I get some of the projects around there finished I’ll be able to schedule the other ones further out and thus have time to do other things like spend time with my family.

Minor boo-boo the other day. Turns out the $15 remote I bought for my PS2 so I could use it as a DVD player without having to dink with the controllers to control the playback won’t work. In my urge to get a PS2 that was PS1 compatible I bought an older model...without the infrared receiver in it. *headdesk*

Oh well. A friend of mine was wanting in the past to get rid of his PS2 so I might offer him money for it because it’s still cheaper than getting a decent DVD player and then I have two PS2s for games on top of it.

I re-connected the wire for the phone line in the garage with no discernible effect to my DSL speed so now I have a phone with caller-id in the garage. I’ll run jacks where I want them as soon as we start to remove some of the wire from the ceiling at work. Most of it is good enough for phone stuff if not fast networking and we’re going to likely throw a lot of it out anyway so I’ll be able to likely take some of that home for wiring at home.

My wife cooked some great fajita wraps last night. I wouldn’t be opposed to eating those again. Other than the peppers, which I’m working on growing anyway, the meal was cheap and tasted great. A winner in my book. :-)

Managed to get the small tube TV hooked up in the living room yesterday. We’re likely going to go out and get our final big purchase for the house this weekend and buy a 32“ LCD. I’ve got a good one in mind that is not too expensive and has all the inputs I need right now with room for expansion which means no switchbox and only three remotes instead of say 5 or 6. And that purchase will ”represent the last of the petty cash“ as far as large-ticket items are concerned for the house. My wife’s birthday is a different matter entirely. ;-)

Still tweaking the motion detection on the camera at home. It’s either too sensitive and mails me every two minutes or it doesn’t seem to go off at all. (It’s filling up my home Inbox as we speak with videos because it’s tweaked too sensitive.) I’ll get it tweaked right over the next couple of days and it’ll be fine.

I’ve got an entirely different camera server coming from E-Bay that supposedly supports two USB webcams attached to it. It’s not wireless but I have no problem with running a wire and the bandwidth is better anyway. I’ll just set up a paired wireless bridge out the the garage and hat way the cameras will be off the main wireless network so they don’t slow that down.

Talked to the city yesterday about the sewer line out to the garage. (To recap I want to separate it from the main sewer and then clean it out and use it as a raceway to run wires and gas pipe out to the garage so I don’t have to trench up the yard.) The guy from the city liked the idea but he has to check with another guy to see if it’s acceptable. It may be that I have to use conduit inside it but since the pipe looks like it runs completely straight out to the garage that actually wouldn’t be too much of an issue except for joining shorter lengths of conduit together as I put them out there. He suggested I use non-conductive conduit if this is approved to avoid any galvanic issues with the cast-iron sewer pipe and I agree. The plastic conduit will be easier to join together anyway if not quite as sturdy.

If that works out it’ll save me buttloads of work. Of course this all depends on having a plumber camera that pipe out and disconnect it. And the also cleaning it out which shouldn’t be too hard. I’m betting that as long as it runs only back to the house I can put a garden hose down it and flush it out for a while before it’s disconnected. That should get most of the junk out of it. Then after it’s disconnected I can put a small fan in the basement end to force air through it to dry it out. After that it wold all be nothing but cutting the concrete in the garage a little, installing a floor raceway, and then running conduit and black pipe.

A lot of conditionals on that plan...
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