nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Ninja pie???

April 30, 2008 11:13 PM

So after being drug through the ringer today for several different things in frustration and at my wife’s suggestion I went to bed early without eating anything.

Of course I had problems getting to sleep because she was in the other room singing her “badonky-donk” off. *rolls eyes*

The dream I had was a warped mirror of the last few weeks. (If you’ve been paying attention you know what I mean.)

I spent the entire last few hours while asleep trying to watch TV. (Not in our current living room but a different one.)

Every single time I’d sit down some stupid ninja would attack me. Throw darts, thrown stars, overhead sword slash, etc.

So I finally think it’s quiet and I notice that there’s a piece of pie on a plate on one of the shelves under the entertainment center. Cherry I think.

I pick it up and use the fork on the plate to try and take a bite and the damn thing starts laughing at me and screaming at me “Ninja PIIIIIEEEE!” while the ninja attacks me from behind.

In anger I throw the very annoying pie on the plate at the ninja like a frisbee and that’s when I wake up.

Thankfully there’s no pie in the house or I’d be retaliating and eating pie at 11 p.m.+...
Tags: dreams
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