nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Ginormous chocolate bunny attacks!

May 1, 2008 11:10 AM

One of the engineers in the sales department brought in this HUGE hollow chocolate bunny and everybody has been breaking pieces off of it and eating it. Myself included. Oof! (To add insult to injury one of the quality department guys brought in Krispy Kreme donuts. *drool!*) Anyway the damn thing was in pieces before I got to it but I estimate that it was at least 18“ tall from bottom to top. And I had several pieces of it.

Needless to say I’m having fruit with my pita today and _NO_ pie. And _lots_ of iced tea.

Still the season is here and I’m on the bike again so I’m much more active. Now I just need to even out the whole sleep thing...

The scheduling thing at work seems to be working out well. So well in fact that a week or so ago I bought a piece of project software for the Mac called xTime Project. It’s not very intuitive but I’m trying to work with it. Likely though I’ll dump it when the tax rebate comes in and get a copy of Omniplan which is the project software all my Mac-addicted friends use. ;-)

The tax rebate will likely go to a new mattress for the house, my project software, and anything my wife thinks will fit in the remaining amount. We talked about sinking the remaining amount into the mortgage and that’s likely what we will do with it. But the mattress is needed (we would have bought it anyway) and I need the project software to get things sorted out at home. The tax _refund_ has already been spent. That got us an energy efficient LCD TV and a decent sound system.

Heck I don’t even have a complete project list at home let alone a good schedule at the moment. I’m sure if I went back through all my journal entries I’d find a great number of things that I want to get done that were either forgotten or never completed.

And despite the flexible “timey-wimey”ness of time, according to Doctor Who, I haven’t quite figured out how to stretch it yet. ;-)

Way behind on things at home. Thus the reason for scheduling. Hopefully we’re past the frost point yet. Now is a good time to go out into the garden and remove all that crap that’s out there. One thing out there looks like a small but thick palm plant and might be hard to remove.

For the moment I’ve been concentrating on getting cameras set up in the garage because I’m going to be soon setting up all my computer stuff out there. I don’t want to have an alarm system out there because it’ll inconvenience my wife unless it’s completely automatic. And the only way I can think to make it so would be to have her wear an RFID tag or swipe a card. (And I’m sure she’d have a fit if she had to swipe a card to get into the garage. Though if I stored all the rakes and shovels and implements of destruction in the shed she’d have no reason to go into the garage when I’m not there....hmm....)

Anyway I’ve been working on getting the cameras in there so I don’t have to worry about people screwing with things when I’m not around. If you have an interest in security cameras I’d check out Zoneminder. I was able to install it completely using “apt-get install zoneminder” under Ubuntu 7.10 but your results may vary.

It’s a pretty cool Linux app that manages multiple cameras with recording and motion detection through a web interface. Pretty neat stuff and seems pretty damn simple to work with. I’ll likely put together a Linux box to run that and manage all the cameras in the house/garage. I’m really looking forward to having a “garden cam”.

Which brings me to a sad turn of affairs - my battery backup unit died yesterday so I have to get a new one. That’s not too bad because I can get a replacement 700 KVA pretty cheaply but it’s still money spent that I wasn’t expecting. I will likely buy two. One medium sized 700 KVA for the computer rack and one 1200 KVA unit for the desktops that I want to keep running. The G5 iMac chief amongst those as I just replaced the power supply on that last year.

My daughter’s IEP is tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that. My wife and I are divided a little on things and likely she’s not going to compromise on anything so we will go to the IEP divided a little. I’m going to have to be extra careful because we’re divided as that will give them more opportunities to eat us alive.

I do know that we’re also very behind in getting our daughter’s study area set up in the library at home. I think that will be my focus when I get home today. The dead chairs can go out with a free sign on them or be broken up for firewood or something but once those are out of the way I should be able to get the boxes organized out of the way so that I can put a desk there for my daughter so she can work there. I’m not going to put the drawer units back under it as someone has to be able to sit at the desk with her and work with her. I will probably go out and buy a good task lamp for her as well as the lighting in that area is poor. I need to get another LCD monitor for her too so that she can just dock her notebook and be working. She needs a real work area and I’ve been slacking in getting that all set up...
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