nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Knees of ice...

May 12, 2008 11:14 AM

Rode the bike to work this morning and compared to the other days last week it was freezing. No biggie but I just wasn’t ready for it. It didn’t help that I accidentally over-filled the tank yesterday because I filled it too much while it was on the kickstand. Thus when it was on the center stand it leaked out the gas cap making the garage smell like gas. :-(

I used up enough this morning that it won’t happen again unless I have another stupid moment when filing up the tank next time.

Got into work earlier this morning but not as early as I have been in the past. I just need to get back into the routine again. The hard part is getting out of bed once I wake up. If I go back to bed I’m doomed to be late. ;-)

The push mower worked a little better Saturday than it did when I initially got it. I think it’s just working the gunk out of the motor. We’ll know in a couple more weeks. I do know that I’m probably going to replace the drive belt on it because it’s awfully loose even when engaged. That means it’s probably stretched. No biggie as the mower is only a couple years old and that part is likely to be inexpensive.

I didn’t get over to pick up the final two things left at the old house. Maybe I’ll do that tonight when my wife gets home. In the meantime I really need to handle the empty fish tank. I’ll probably drain that when I get home and then put the stones and misc into a tub where I can wash them. Since all the fish died the same way I likely have to clean out the filter as well just to prevent any existing contamination. I’m thinking about boiling everything but I don’t know if the cheap fake plants and the gravel would handle that well or not. I hate to use bleach but I might have to.

As for replacement fish I think we’re going to start with...two. A single fish seems so lonely in a large tank and two fish should be a good starting point to make sure nothing else is lurking.

My DSL is currently stable again which means that if I want a phone line out there I’m going to have to run wire. I don’t trust the phone line over power adapters not to leak noise back onto the analog line and cause me another DSL problem. If I could find an exact extra handset for the existing phone set we have I’d just put that out there after registering it with the base unit but it’s hard to find the exact model Uniden that we’ve got. Maybe I’ll do some more digging in that area.

Looks like my alternate posting location ( is having issues with their move. They seem to have misplaced my handle in the database. Either that or my “cookie” is causing a problem.

*deletes cookies and resets cache* I can’t login. And on top of that it won’t let me send a password recovery e-mai. Yeah...I think they’re having problems...

Oh well...I’ll replicate this post there later...
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