nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Lean to the left...lean to the right...get almost blown off the road...

May 13, 2008 11:08 AM

Not really but it’s a little windy out today so keeping the bike in a particular lane is a little challenging.

I messed up and forgot to stop by my friends house and pick up the hose and sandbox yesterday. Hopefully I can do that today and get that finally done. I still need to clean out a place for the wood but that in reality isn’t too hard. The hard part will be splitting the large chunks.

Still no tax rebate as of today but then as my wife correctly pointed out we filed a little nearer the deadline than others so it could just be taking a little longer. The note we got in the mail a couple of days ago said we should have it by the 16th which is the end of this week. If it’s not there by then I’ll dig into what the problem is. I mean we already got our refunds from both the state and the feds. *shrug*

Managed to get the wireless link to the garage taken care of last night. I picked up a couple of Belkin WAP units for $40+shipping and got them working. The one unit I actually had to repair because it was a bad flash victim. I found the right firmware and managed to get ti updated using a tftp client. That was actually pretty neat because the thing wouldn’t come up initially and would only respond to ping for a short period of time while it was looking for a tftp server. I’ve got at least one other wireless bridge unit - a Motorola W800G - that is having the same issue so maybe I’ll try and fix it that way.

So that’s one less thing to do in the garage. The next thing besides organizing to repair my truck is to start putting shelves up on the one wall so I can put the stuff that’s on the wire racks onto those shelves. That’ll give me more room to deal with the other stuff in that area.

And I really need to get the armoire adjusted and into the house. (Of course it’s not going into the bedroom until my wife figures out where she wants it because quite bluntly it’s too fucking heavy - even when empty. I’m moving that thing once this time and at most once every two years. Period. We also need to get the curio cabinet into the living room as well. Thankfully that’s just bulky.

The cardboard has to leave. I might, temporarily, put all the empty flattened cardboard boxes into the attic to get them out of the way until we can pass them on to whoever needs them next. I think my in-laws wanted them which is the only reason I’m not pitching them right now.

Once the curio cabinet and the cardboard are out of my way I can to the adjustments to the armoire and then that too can move inside.

In the meantime I’m definitely going to put the push mower and implements of destruction into the shed. I’m seriously considering building a small 4’ x 4’ side shed for the wood. That would allow me to store the wood effectively and keep it dry. But that’s a long-term solution. For now I can just stack it all next to the shed and put a tarp over it.

I’m not going to try and put the fabric down today as it’s far too windy. I’d look like a bad comedy sketch trying to put all that down in the wind. Or....maybe not if I use the garden staples. Hmm...I could take the roll, staple the end into the ground at one end of the row and roll it out and staple it as necessary. Then cut the end off after the final staples are in. Then fold over the side edges and staple those down. That sounds like a plan. If I can get that done along with everything else I need to do then I’ll do it. (Still need to buy soaker hoses or something. I’m kind of wondering how much water those things use when in use. Definitely want to look into rain barrels as a long-term solution.)

Cleaned out the fish tank last night. Hopefully I got it all. I’ll set it back up tonight or tomorrow if I can and then use a bunch of water treatment stuff and anti-algae stuff for a week or so to kill anything that might be left. After a week of sitting I’ll pick up the new fish. Likely one algae eater and one simple fish like a tetra or platy. Start small.

I’ll get it all done it’s just going to take time...
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