nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Like a flock of sarcastic lemmings...

May 19, 2008 11:33 AM

...the computers at work have been migrated.

I’m damn tired today. I spent all day at work yesterday from 6 a.m. to 10:15 p.m. migrating systems from one domain to another without losing people’s profiles and settings. Then I rode the bike home, got to sleep at midnight, and then got back up around 5 a.m. to go back to work to handle the resultant issues that always come with such a large change. (And people wonder why I have so many dreams about the undead...)

So yeah...I pretty much want to fall over right now.

My wife pointed out that she heard the birds back in the front vent of the garage so hopefully they won’t be too mutated by the bug spray. It’s nice to know they didn’t just keel over.

The wireless cameras I put in stopped mailing me some time this last week and I didn’t notice until yesterday. I reset them and they’re fine but I wonder if they’re having signal issues. I’ll check them again later.

Speaking of signal issues I think I found the same Uniden model phone that our home system uses so I’ll probably be able to register one of those units with our system and have it out in the garage. That means I won’t have to run another phone line out there and that means all I need out there is power and the wireless bridge to the house. The servers will be hard wired in the basement along with the router so they won’t lag on the wireless and I really don’t need the fastest speed for the desktops/laptops in the garage. That leaves only the power to be corrected. There are three actual wires running into the garage but I don’t know if they are all live.

I really want the 220V out there well defined. Once that’s done I can just re-run all my own circuits without issue. Unfortunately the only way to make sure of that is to trench and lay my own wires which is not only time consuming but expensive.

Still no sign of the rebate yet. I’m hoping it’ll be there when I get home today so I can go and deposit it.

Speaking of when I get home I have to mow if it doesn’t suck out. I should have mowed on Saturday but I knew ahead of time what Sunday was going to bring so I took the day off. Of course that means I have to mow today otherwise it’ll be far too long later in the week and I want the lawn to look nice.

Of course if it sucks out when I get home I might either take a nap or repair the armoire in the garage. I have all the stuff I need to do the repairs and it shouldn’t take long. And then all we’ll have to do is get the damn thing into the house...

Once that’s out of there the next thing is moving the rack into the basement. Still haven’t tested the UPS down there or the power to find out what circuit it’s on. I’m hoping it’s on its own circuit and I don’t have to wire another circuit.

The crawlspace is in desperate need of a clean-up and some extra lighting. I suppose I should add that to the plans somewhere because there’s a lot of work I’ll have to do down there and I’d rather do it in a clean organized environment than in a cluttered and nasty one. Besides, the moisture barrier needs to be replaced anyway and that’s a “whole crawlspace” issue. Then there’s the old furnace that’s down there that needs to be removed. That’s not going to be fun because it’s bulky and it’ll have to go _around_ the existing furnace. I think I’ll maybe see if there’s a low-profile cart I can use to move it around down there. That’ll make removing it that much easier.

Maybe I’ll concentrate on moving the weather station when I get home today...
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