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Have I got a deal for you that is so fantastic and terrific and a complete part of the recommended d

May 23, 2008 11:22 AM


Anyway things are continuing to be annoying. I’ve had several different things go on at work that I had to take care of - one in particular is annoying but I’m handling it to the exclusion of all else.

I need to order a headphone adapter for the iPhone from work but I’m going to wait a week. I thought this week was a “fat week” instead of “thin” so I bought some things already. We’re doing okay though so it’s not a big deal.

I finally found out the snafu with our financial application - Moneydance. The damn thing doubled a deduction on me so we came up as massively short and I couldn’t figure out why. Finally looked through the list and found two transactions with the same ID number for the same amount on the same date. Removed one of them and the balance came within $7 of the reconciled bank balance. Woot!

I’m hoping that this extended weekend will allow me to get caught up on some things like stuff in the house and the garage. Our neighbor is having a party next door and we’ve been invited and we will likely stop by and socialize for a while. Not sure how my daughter is going to handle the noise and stuff but we’ll see.

I also still have more weeding to do out in the garden area not to mention putting down the rest of the paper back there. I’ll hopefully be able to motivate and pull the final hornets nests out of the garage vent today so I don’t have to deal with them in the future. I’d like to get the armoire repaired and into the house this weekend but we’ll have to see how it goes.

The window tinting supposedly has been shipped and will be here soon. Once that arrives I’ll pull each of the small garage door windows and tint them and then re-caulk them when I put them back in. I’ll have to use black caulk because the white stuff that’s there now just looks bad on a red and black garage.

I also have to install the pressure switch on my dad’s air compressor. That shouldn’t take long as I’m just pulling the old one and putting the new one on. I’ll have to get a baton switch for it so I can shut it on and off from the front and not have to unplug it as I do now.

I also have to research the cost of metal pipes so I can weld a rack for my truck. (Yes, yes, I know I have to repair it first but I want to get an idea of cost for that particular project.)

I’d like to get the living room handled this weekend but I think that’s going to require repairing the armoire first. Hmm...that’s the second time that task came up on this list....better give it a little more attention.

Always lots to do...

(Edit: Hmm...LJ cropped my title. It was "Have I got a deal for you that is so fantastic and terrific and a complete part of the recommended daily diet of octogenarians everywhere that not only helps cleanse the body but cleans your carpet no matter how badly you've stained it with your overnight beer drinking frat parties filled with strung out cheerleaders and over muscled linebackers and if you've read this far it's already too late and you need to find something better to do with your daytime hours... ;-)"
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