nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Let's play Meet The Neighbors!

May 27, 2008 11:16 AM

So both myself and briefly my wife and daughter went to a party at the next door neighbor’s house this weekend and met all the people in our surrounding house area.

They were all pretty cool and it was fun. So we should get along with everybody without a problem. I think though that just for sanity’s sake I’ll refrain from blogging about them in anything but a passing context. When dealing with one’s neighbors it’s best to keep an open mind and a closed mouth. Someone would really have to royally piss me off to end up being posted about here. (This obviously brings up why I post things about my wife here. Frankly I don’t post anything more than passing things about _ANYBODY_ unless they really torque me. And my wife being close to me than anyone there is an increase in conflict on occasion thus and increase in posts. More data is more data. *shrug*)

Speaking of sanity I got a chorus of “Brrrr! I can’t believe you’re riding the bike today!” from people. But as I was quick to point out people ride snowmobiles in much colder weather and nobody thinks the better of it. It wasn’t even all that cold today just a little windy.

*watches a cow fly past the restaurant window*

*keeps an eye out for a lady in black on a bicycle*

Okay...more than a little windy...

Anyway we got a fair amount of the living room cleared and organized yesterday. There’s still a half-dozen boxes in there but we managed to get the one set of shelves in the right place and my wife managed to empty at least two boxes. I’ll probably empty the rolling plastic shelves today and put them in my office so that my wife can use them for craft materials once I move out of there.

I need to wait until the end of the week so I can get the final parts to repair the armoire. I’ve decided to put large castors on the bottom of it so that once it gets into the house we’ll be able to roll it around. Because quite honestly...I’m not carrying that damn heavy-ass thing all the way through the house. It’s going to be hard enough to get it up the stairs.

Once that damn thing is out or the garage I’ll be able to re-arrange things and hopefully put the bike on the right-hand side temporarily so I can get the truck in there and work on it slowly. There’s a fair amount of things I want to fix on the truck so I want the time to be able to work on it but I don’t want to mess up my access to all the other things. It may sound impossible but careful organization is the key to it all.

Speaking about organization I’ve got to move the weather station and I’m seriously thinking about putting hinges on the one vent on the same side of the garage. That would allow me access to pull the thing down for maintenance without having to get a ladder. I just don’t know if I’d have to build a frame for the vent or not. Definitely need stainless or galvanized hinges to make sure they don’t seize up. Just an idle thought...

My wife is in a rush to get things organized around the house but I’m kind of laid back about it. We’re getting there and quite honestly a lot faster than most people do. We’ve only been there _three_ _months_ and we’re already almost done with the living room. Most people don’t see their living room through all the boxes for about six months OR they shuffle the boxes around to different rooms for the next couple of years instead of handling them. The difference is that we’re actually handling them. We’ll get it all done. Like I said before - we’re going to be there a minimum of five years. That means we have at least that long to get things organized and we haven’t even be there a _half_ or a year yet but we’re partially organized already and making progress. We’re ahead of the game because we’re not rushing it. And personally I think that’s the way it should be.

Oh well...back to grind...
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