nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Zip zip zip...

May 29, 2008 11:29 AM

A co-worker kindly let me know that people were paying attention to how much time I spend in the office so today’s posting will be a little shorter than usual.

Not much to tell anyway. Got a few more things taken care of at home. Knocked off the roof on the empty bird houses and removed any hornet nests in them. Also managed to get most of the reinforcing work done on the armoire so now all it needs is rollers. Also managed to get rid of the mud dauber nests in the shed.

Minor funny story about that. I sprayed the nests and then went looking for something to poke the nests off the walls and so forth without touching them. The only thing I could find to use was my spear from the renaissance wedding I attended. Walked out with it and my next-door neighbor did a double-take so I had to explain. He seemed okay with it but I wonder how others might take that. I keep the thing out of sight in the garage anyway so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Found out it’ll cost us $45 if we want a second recycling bin and that I can’t put in what would effectively be a french drain in my yard. Bummer. But I also can put a mast on top of the garage to mount the weather station on and there’s no height restriction. (The city planner also let-on that things that are non-construction items are not limited by height so that means I can likely put up my vent/generator test item without an issue.)

Back to work...
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