nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Soggy is as soggy does...

May 30, 2008 11:20 AM

Well unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride the bike to work today. I have rain gear and riding in the rain wouldn’t bother me except that it was a thunderstorm this morning.

Lightning + Me == Bad.

That and I haven’t had the rear tire replaced yet. I might take out money from the credit union account to do that. (Our tax rebate was gone like a fart in a windstorm. You can thank my dad for that particular phrase.)

But once again we’ve stabilized so I plan to sit on my hands and work with what I’ve got before buying anything serious. I have to pick up the wheels for the armoire this weekend but thankfully those are fairly cheap.

Speaking of cheap I ran across something annoying. I needed a copy of Windows XP to run my Windows applications - in particular the Platinum(Titanium?) version of the Cisco CCNA Simulator - and when I checked around the price was a minimum of $89 for an upgrade copy. But a used Dell Optiplex GX60 system with a Windows XP COA on the top of it was $60 _shipped_ off of E-Bay from a corporate take-out seller. So it was cheaper for me to buy a machine and have it shipped across the country than to buy the software separately. WTF??? So...I bought the system instead. I need a standalone Windows system anyway to run certain things that I don’t want to put on my Mac in some sort of virtualization. The new box will be set up in the garage like all the others will.

Once the armoire is out of the garage I can re-arrange things a bit so I can park the bike on the other side and put the truck in there to be repaired. Because as today has proven I really need to be completely independent in my schedule or I won’t be efficient. I got in late today and I have to leave at my normal time. That might irritate people more so I have to be sure that I get in before them on days that I’m riding the bike and leave after they leave. That sort of scheduling makes it even more important to repair the truck. Not that I’m looking forward to the gas costs on driving it again...

Still organizing at home. I likely won’t stop just because my mother is visiting this weekend so she better be prepared to step out of the way. As it is the big book sale where my wife works is this weekend so either my mother is going to the book sale with my wife or my mother can bond with her granddaughter while my wife and I go. Whatever works but I’d prefer the latter.

*checks clock*

Gotta go...
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