nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Spinning Wheel...

June 2, 2008 11:13 AM

Always things to do and always things to not do...

My daughter was sick Saturday night. Nothing bad just what appears to be some stomach upset. We’re hoping it’s not the flu but she appears to be okay today.

*cell phone rings*

“No mom it’s nothing you did.” :-)

Anyway she kept us both up on and off that night so besides all the work I did at the office yesterday I’m running behind on sleep. (My wife is in an even worse state as she got up with her each time. My stomach was not doing so well and I couldn’t stand the smell at the time.)

I think other than starting some of the laundry and making dinner tonight there isn’t much else I will likely get done except perhaps taking a nap. I think I’ll try and add spraying the remaining garden spaces to that list just so I can get the one bean plant planted as soon as possible. It’s more than warm enough now for beans but not peppers or watermelons yet. The bean plant that is already started has climbed up the cord for the blinds so it’s in need of going outside rapidly at this point.

Oh crap. I forgot to mow this weekend so that means I need to mow when I get home. I’m still thinking about planting the “no mow” grass. (zoras grass?) That would save me a lot in time and water among other things. My question is how to keep it from spreading.

The wind blew one row of the landscape fabric off the staples in the garden so I had to put that back down yesterday. I’ll probably spray around the garden but do no more spraying in it now. It’s had a couple of rains so any residuals should be washed away by now. The stuff I“m using is supposed to become inert when it hits the ground anyway but I’m not going to take that chance.

The hornets seem to have started to return to the bird houses so I expect to have to remove them completely and replace them. When I do that I’ll build them so the roof portions are on hinges so they can be levered open and cleaned out easily. Likely I’ll use cedar because of the natural properties but it depends on how much that costs.

And right now it’s all about money at the moment...
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