nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


June 6, 2008 11:18 AM

Sometimes I feel like I’m playing Frogger with my life...

Got out to the parking lot at work to get on the bike to go to lunch and she wouldn’t start. So I did some basic diagnostics and it turns out the starter relay is intermittent. I’m going to just order another one and clean the contacts when I put the new one in. It probably needed to be replaced by now anyway.

I realized the other day that I have no way of telling how many miles are on that bike because the previous owner received it without a speedometer and the one I put on there was obviously not right but had 40k+ miles on it. So I’ve pretty much assumed that the bike has at least that many miles on it (now 55k+) and schedule maintenance from there. That basically means I pretty much need to replace a lot of things sooner rather than later just to be safe. Tires are currently next on the list but carbs are up there as well as the proper jets to go with them.

*shrug* Such is life with a used vehicle or indeed anything.

The wind didn’t blow off the landscape fabric on the four plots I have covered in the garden despite being 14+mph according to my weather station. I guess putting a garden staple every 18“ did the job.

I managed to get seeds planted finally. I got one row of standard lake beans including the one bean plant from my daughter’s class that was climbing up the blinds in the house. I also planted one row of cucumbers, one row of the midnight watermelons and two rows of the Van Doren watermelons. (I meant to plant two midnight rows and one Van Doren but got the seed packets confused.) Anyway they are planted and now all that’s left out there is the outer beds and the outside ring of marigolds.

Unfortunately as a friend at work pointed out this will all turn out to be a September harvest due to the late planting. I probably could have planted sooner but it would have been a lot more problematic. The watermelon seeds in particular.

I need to move my boat into the space between the house and the shed so it’s not in the way any more.

I also found out that there are garlic or onions or something next to the one side of the garden fence left there from the previous owner. It’s mixed in with grass so it’s going to be touch to clean up. Just like the roses on the one side.

I’ve been slacking this week and haven’t mowed the lawn so it’s going to be nasty tomorrow. I suppose I could not mulch up the grass and rake it all. Not sure if that would be for the best or not. And I’m not so picky about my lawn anyway or I’d do something about the dandelions. ;-)

I need to look into a small AC unit for the garage. That and a vent fan for the attic vent in the back. Some way to keep it cool out there because it was pretty warm when I came home yesterday and that’s eventually going to be my work area. From what I can tell one of the cheap window style AC units will do and those are only about $200 or so. I’m not going to buy it just yet but it’s on the list.

One thing I will see if I can’t pick up this weekend though is a single-fan window fan unit or two. The living room windows on the East side of the house are too small for the regular ones though the ones in the library will work just fine with them. We just need a way to create a good breeze through the center of the house to help keep it cool and I don’t want all the damn ceiling fans running all the time. Those things use a lot more electricity than people realize...
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