nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Too....humid...AND a broken Tom Smith to boot!

June 9, 2008 11:32 AM


So we didn’t get blown away nor washed away by the recent weather but it’s still too damn humid. I’m actually sweating every time I leave the office to go out in the plant but that’s because there’s A/C in the office that is cranked down while the plant runs at a much higher temp due to some of the processes out there.

I planted the bean out in the garden among many other things and it promptly has wilted. We’ll see if it recovers. Beans are pretty hardy plants so I don’t think it’ll just die off on me. And with all the rain I won’t have to water it until it stops raining. (I haven’t bought soaker hoses yet either.)

Did I mention it was too humid?

Anyway we’ve found that it appears to only take a couple of small window fans to blow air through the center of the house and cool it. The side rooms still need the ceiling fans going but not all the time.

I’m seriously looking at solar window fans but I can’t find any that are larger than 6“ in diameter. I’ll eventually switch out the existing attic vents for solar powered ones with a fan that has a thermal trigger on it but those work out to about $40/each and there’s at least four to do up there so I won’t be spending for that any time soon. Maybe one every ”fat“ week or something.

I feel like I’m playing Starcraft and there’s a Zerg Overmind constantly going ”Not enough minerals!“ or ”You require more vespine gas!“ every time I try and do something. But then strategies there for managing resources actually can be brought out to work in daily life. Hmm...”The Starcraft Guide to Resource Management in Daily Life“.

I’d probably have to get Blizzard’s permission and I really detest their corporate masters - Vivendi - because of how they treat outside developers. (Yes I’m still mad about the BNETD thing. NO they weren’t cracking Warcraft 3. Blizzard could have easily given them a key server to query but acted like total assholes about the situation and sued the developers because of their greedy Vivendi masters.)

(Bitter much?)

Anyway resource management seems to be the primary thing people are concerned with in their life and some part of me says that if we worked hard as a species we could find a way to rectify that. At least for the basics anyway.

Speaking of resources my supply of Filk is getting low and I need to replenish it.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! IF you haven’t already heard, filk artist and extraordinary musician Tom Smith injured himself and is out of commission for a while. Since he actually lives completely off the sale of his CDs and tapes sold from, among other places, his concert appearances this is a serious problem for him - especially since he had to have surgery for the injury.

So all seven of you (not you mom - you have other issues to deal with) that happen to read my LJ please go to Tom’s website and buy something or throw something in the tip jar for him as he badly needs it at this point. ( Http:// ) It’ll be a boost to your karma and you’ll get some music that I can guarantee is unique. ;-)

Tom may or may not like people like me posting this stuff but I know that he deserves anything good that can come of this. He’s just that kind of guy. :-)
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