nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Annoyances on two wheels...

June 10, 2008 11:18 AM

So I rode home in the rain yesterday and about 2/3rds of the way home the bike started having problems. Unless I cranked the throttle way up before sloooowly letting out the clutch the engine would bog horribly.

So I got her home and there’s a bit of clicking in the final drive. Thankfully those aren’t too expensive. I’ve ordered a clutch basket with rings in it and when that gets here I’ll try swapping that out first and maybe that will solve the problem. In the meantime I’ll change the oil and filter and see if there are any serious metal shavings in there. The clutch basket cost me about $30 off of E-Bay today and the final drive would cost me about $30 if I buy it in the same way. About the only thing I can’t afford it to be is the transmission in the engine itself. That would cost me big dollars.

I also purchased two other things today. The carb kits I need to get the other bike at least running ($60) and a transmission jack to fix the truck ($68).

All in all that’s a lot of money spent but I have it in the credit union account and was able to take it out of there and still have two+ mortgage payments in that account if necessary. And if it repairs all three vehicles for me that means I’ll always have _something_ to drive no matter what. My wife will thank me for that because she hates having to give up her van.

So one way or another I should be able to get at least the truck fixed this week/weekend and that means I’ll have personal transportation even if I can’t fix the bikes right away. No more of this single vehicle bullshit. Redundancy is a _good_ thing.

In other news all the seeds I’ve planted so far have sprouted. But then so have the weeds. I need to make time this week to finish weeding that garden and turn over the existing plants in the outside beds. Oddly my daughter’s bean plant seems to have withered completely. I hope it recovers. :-(

The outer ring of beds need to be completely turned over because there’s a lot of creepers in there and if I don’t break up all those roots they’ll strangle anything that gets planted there. I’ve got enough fabric to cover those areas but I’ll have to buy another couple boxes of staples. Fortunately those are cheap.

I’ve decided to plant the tomato plants, when we get them, on the opposite side of the garden from the garage. The tomato plants can handle exposure better than the pepper seedlings so they don’t need the added shelter of the garage. And there’s only so much space and I’ve got an awful lot of pepper seedlings...

There is one more thing that I took money out for since I was taking money out. I took money out for a decent scroll saw. That will allow me to re-do the bird houses, the fake shutter boards with the tulip designs, and make any other custom woodwork my wife would like for the house. It’s going to be about $160 for the saw but replacing those old beat-up fake shutters will make the house look so much better. And once the saw is purchased picking up the necessary wood on an as-needed basis will be relatively inexpensive.

Speaking of my wife I need to talk to her about anything we need to buy for our daughter. I hate spending all this money and not adding her into the calculations because 1) I value her needs and 2) it makes me feel like I’m being extremely selfish even if the money I’m spending is on repairing things or the house. :-(

Anyway she usually has a list so I should probably see what is on it and if there’s something we can add to the mix while we have the cash...
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