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June 16, 2008 11:40 AM

So I failed to get things done yesterday. Among them purchasing my scroll saw. No big deal there I can try again in a month or so. And I’ve been spending too much money anyway. Especially on repair parts and house stuff recently.

I’m really trying to cut back but there’s just a bunch of stuff we need. Hopefully though I can move the list offline and merge it with my wife’s list of things so that we can buy them onesey-twosey. Between the two of us we are once again spending too much. This time it’s my fault but there have been other times where it’s her fault. Truth be told be _both_ need to be better about it.

I’m hoping like hell that the parts for repairing one vehicle or another come in today so I can get started in that area. I’m hoping that the problem I’m experiencing with the bike isn’t the shifter fork but quick diagnostics lead me to believe that’s not the case as it will indicate that it has changed gears and act like it but still has the serious drivetrain power problem.

Bought 50’ of soaker hose yesterday. I’m going to run that in-between the rows in the garden so I can water easier. I’m going to have to do some experiments to find out what is the optimum length of time to run it for. But then once I know that I can work out some sort of control to make it automatic.

I’d love to set up a control system that reads things like the current soil moisture, temp, humidity, and rain. That way it would be able to be set to water or not water according to local soil and weather conditions. But that’s a ways off. I might settle for the valve and timer set that I saw at Costco yesterday as it appeared to be fairly useful. I’m kind of wondering if I can adapt the valves from that system to do what I want but that requires time and money I don’t currently have.

I have to mow when I get home today...
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