nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A Deafening Silence...

June 20, 2008 12:01 PM

So the funeral yesterday was fairly bizarre. Everyone was so cordial to each other that I felt like another family was attending instead of mine. It was very strange indeed.

Very strange...

In other news it’s raining today and the rain is provoking some interesting thoughts. There’s a lot of gravitic energy that the rain uses up flowing down and I’m wondering why we can’t use that.

Here’s a thought for skyscraper based micro-hydro:

1) Run a pipe down the side of the building that funnels _all_ the roof rain water. (Note: this system can be divided into four smaller systems to improve performance - four pipes instead of one.)

2) Put a Tesla turbine (yes they do exist and do work - look it up) at the bottom that all the water runs through.

3) Attach the turbine to a generator.

4) Wire the generator back to a wind compatible charge controller. (Wind compatible because those are designed for intermittent usage.)

5) Use the charge controller to charge a bank of batteries for the building. Hell you could in theory use a commercial battery based UPS system that allows alternative charging sources.

Like I told some other friends today it won’t get you off the grid but it will certainly reduce your dependence.

You could even take the design one step further and make a water-tower shaped generator system that has the top cut off for rain collection.

Not a bad idea...
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