nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Fuzzy logic says I'm in logic state "huh?"...

June 24, 2008 11:18 AM

Fuzzy logic indeed. I’m certainly fuzzy today. Yesterday’s misc crapfest wore me out and I went to bed early after getting nothing done at home. Then I woke up still feeling tired.

So I’m taking Thursday and Friday as vacation days. I have them marked quite properly in my task list as “Insanity Prevention Time”. ^_^

Today I’m going to try and finish weeding the last two beds of the garden and maybe plant the rest of the peppers finally since the first one seems to be doing okay. I think I’m going to continue using the one section next to the garage as a compost heap but I’m probably going to pick up a composter so it’s sealed and out of sight to prevent potential neighborhood complaints.

Hopefully Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will let me get at least one vehicle fixed. Likely the truck but I’m seriously hoping I can fix the Yamaha because it will save me so much more in gas and get me back on my schedule again.

It’ll also hopefully give me time to get the armoire into the house. That damn thing is taking up a lot of space in my garage and is now repaired except for the backing which I don’t want to tack down until I get it fairly parked in the bedroom. I’ll have to discuss with my wife tonight where she wants it.

Once that’s out of there I can push the bike off to the side and get the truck in there or maybe move the couch out there over a bit then put the crate lumber where the couch was. That would let me store the bike in the front by the other garage door and allow me to get it out easily enough.

I do know that I’m going to seriously start working on organizing things. Likely I’ll put as much as I can into the attic and upper part of the garage and then organize the remaining items like shelves and workbenches and desks and such into their proper places. That done I’ll pull all the stuff back out piece by piece and organize it. A box a day is a good goal once all the furniture and shelves are set up.

Once I’ve got all the stuff out in the garage done my wife will be able to set up her stuff in the third bedroom and that will be her office. She said it would be okay for the “ugly” couch to stay in there and I think that’s a good plan. She’s going to get my lateral files on top of all the desk drawers so she should have more than enough storage space. Though I will likely get her at least one set of her own bookshelves for in there for a lot of her Autism reference material.

On top of all this I have to locate the right kind of cedar plywood siding to replace the siding on the gable area in front because it’s starting to rot.

Always something to do...
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