nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Tiny my garden...make me happy...

June 25, 2008 11:12 AM

Okay so I’m not Don Ho. Anyway I got the pepper seedlings planted. I’m not happy about having to plant them so small but they weren’t doing so well inside the house any more and I’m running out of growing season for things to start.

New pictures up in the usual place:

I’ve noticed that the Midnight watermelons seem to be growing considerably slower than than the Van Doren strain. It’s not bad just different and interesting.

I really need to get around to setting up a garden camera out there.

So I’m off tomorrow and Friday and I’ve got so much to do. I fully expect to not go back to sleep on Thursday so I can get things shuffled around. If luck is with me I should even be able to get my truck repaired and then have Friday to do other things like work on the house and some audio stuff.

One thing that I’ve definitely decided to get done over the next two days is to move as many un-handled boxes up into the attic. That will give us the space to organize things like we want to then bring each box into the final organizational structure. I think that will suit us much better than trying to sort out boxes while having to move other boxes out of the way.

I’m going to do the same with a lot of the stuff in the garage too. When we moved in I haphazardly threw stuff upstairs in the garage. Once I straighten it all out I should have no problems putting more stuff up there. I’ll have to shuffle some stuff to one side though so I can get to the sheets of plywood because I need to put at least one of those upstairs on the west side of the garage so that I can put things on that side as well.

With all that stuff up there I should be able to do the final organization of workbenches and construct my electronics/computer workbench out there. I figure I can put the lateral files in the house then put the metal dressers in place of those near the side door. (I’ll have to find another location for the air compressor but that’s on wheels.) Then I’ll put my 2x4 workbench with the vice on it at the back of the garage in place of the metal dressers. I really should get some sort of countertop for it so that it’s got a clean smooth surface. I may just glue masonite to the top of it. That is an inexpensive and useful solution.

Once stuff is away from the west wall I’ll be able to put in shelves. It’ll be easier to put those in before I have the workbench built in and in the way. Probably at that time some of the loose stuff can be put on those to get it out of the way.

After all that’s shuffled around I’ll start taking the sawzall to the crate lumber and then use it to construct my electronics/computer workbench. I’ll need some sort of smooth surface for the top of that as well. Also likely to be masonite as well due to the fact that it resists solder.

Once all that stuff is in place I can start setting up the computer equipment and electronics stuff like my soldering iron (Hakko 936) and my desoldering station (Hakko 850 clone). There’s a fair amount of network wiring to be run too but I’m trying to avoid buying cable for that since we’re going to be getting rid of a great amount of cable at work because it’s been replaced with gigabit wire. I don’t need gigabit wire at home so this stuff should work just fine for me.

I’ve decided that I can’t afford to tackle the power problems at this time but what I’m going to do is check to see if the garage is properly grounded. I need to check into the specifics but I don’t think I can just pound a grounding rod to ground the garage. I think that will almost certainly create a “ground loop” between the house and the garage but quite honestly I just don’t know.

Much research is needed....
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