nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

*zzzz**snork* Five more minutes please...

June 30, 2008 11:13 AM

So I got no vacationing really during my two vacation days. I did manage to greatly reduce the amount of boxes in the living areas but there’s still much to be done in that arena.

I also managed to get the truck into the garage this weekend and onto the ramps. I found something interesting. The noise I was hearing might not be the transfer case after all. I can rotate the front drive shaft by hand and can hear the differential make a very definite clunk sound. So...I think the next step before I go through the annoyance of swapping the transfer case will be to drain and open up the front differential and check in there. It might just be that the front spider gears are toast. If that’s the case that’s about $250 and an hour or so of my time. It helps that I’ve got the experience now from doing the back ones.

I don’t want to keep putting money into this truck but as I pointed out to someone today below a certain amount any sporadic money is always better than a regular car payment.

Got my solar fan unit (5“ square) this Saturday. I’m going to use that to retrofit one of the existing ridge vents to increase the airflow in the attic. That will help reduce moisture and heat. If the one unit works out well I’ll work up a thermal circuit so they only run when the temp is above a certain point. I might wire up one of the “universal” X10 modules to switch them on and off according to computer readings of the outside temp. That would in theory allow me switch them on manually as well. There’s already power up there for the module and since the fans are solar all I’m using is power to switch the module on and off.

My wife and I have started taking Glucosomine for our joints. Too early to tell if it’s helping or not but I didn’t get up out of bed last night at least so that’s a positive sign. The 5-HTP seems to be doing well in helping me but like anything you have to remember to take it. I often forget to take it on weekends because it’s not part of the weekend routine yet. It’ll eventually get added in there so no biggie there. I do notice the difference when I don’t take it though. There are some markedly rough edges in my mind when that happens...

Picked up everything I need to put proper soaker hoses in the garden over the weekend including a “Y” style ball valve with separate shutoffs. So once everything is laid out I’ll be able to leave my one grey hose attached and then turn on the soaker hoses separately. Eventually that’ll be automated but that’s down the road. Though a couple weeks from now I might pick up the timed water control system that I saw at Costco and see if I can use the solenoid valves separately. They looked like they were simple two-wire valves so they should be able to be controlled by a simple relay like one of the “universal” X10 modules. And there’s a power outlet already there to plug that in.

The truck is the main thing to get done right now though. I’ve got to pick up both a drain pan and a hand pump later this week so I can open up that differential and refill it. I suppose I should check prices on spider gears when I get back to the office. That would be really cool if all I have to do is replace the spider gears but I’m not holding my breath. Things are usually never that easy...
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