nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Differential differences...

July 2, 2008 11:11 AM

So I managed to get the part number off my ring gear last night and got some differential prices today.

The 4x4 rebuilt place wants $450 - $550 to rebuild it and likely can’t get to it until the 4th week of July because a lot of idiots are getting lift kits installed this month. (Don’t even get me started on that particular subject. Anybody who rides a bike and has had a face full of exhaust because of an overly lifted truck pulled up next to them probably feels the same as I do.)

The one boneyard wanted $650 for a used one that supposedly only had 89,000 mile on it.

The second boneyard wanted $400+$50 core charge and it would take them a day to take it off the truck.

The third boneyard and the winner of this challenge wanted $350 with no core charge and they probably won’t have it until Monday. Needless to say I went with them so next week some time I’ll have to take time off to drive up there and get the part (Zion, IL) and then put it in. (Removal/Install of the full differential doesn’t take that long. I have it up on ramps already and I have the gear oil and sealers I need to fill it because you know I’m going to open the cover and clean it out just to make sure the gears are okay.)

Anyway once this is repaired hopefully there won’t be any other problems but if I still have to swap in the other transfer case then so be it. I’ve got it at least.

So late next week I should be able to get back to my old schedule without a problem one way or another. My wife will be happy about that.

More wasp fun yesterday. The wasps are nesting in my grill. Underneath the burner cover no less with a mud dauber nest on top of the burner cover. I sprayed them but I haven’t cleaned off the cover so that means they’ll be back. I think in summer this is going to be the re-occurring trend for this house. I think I shall name it “Wasp House”. Fun fun fun...

The peppers I planted don’t seem to have taken yet except for the one I planted a bit earlier than the others. Hopefully they should start looking better in a week or two.

Since my wife is working all three days this holiday I don’t expect to get anything serious done but I certainly will be installing the “Y” valve and the new soaker hoses. I just need to pick up some more garden staples. Then all I’ll have to do every day is come home and turn on the soaker hoses for an hour or so and the garden will be watered.

There’s weeds everywhere but on in the garden fabric so the garden is definitely getting completely plowed under at the end of the season. I may go so far as to make stone lined beds if I can get the round stones. That way I get to re-organize the beds the way I want and then use the stones to hold down future garden fabric without having to buy staples all the time. (They rust out.)

I will also have to figure out a replacement for the carpet that’s out there because it’s seen its last season. That’s going to be an annoying cleanup...
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