nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Death to Soggy Pasta!

July 7, 2008 11:10 AM

Or why you shouldn’t use wet noodles for your ISP infrastructure...

My ADSL connection is down again. ATT really needs to get on the ball for their legacy customers.

But then I’m kidding myself because I know that they don’t give a damn except to get a check from me every month.

See here’s the thing - every time my home connection goes down and I’m at work I traceroute from there and there is one IP two hops away from mine that goes down. I can repeatedly prove this yet The Kinder Gentler Death Star aka Ma Bell keeps telling me that it’s my router.

Now my router is nothing special but it’s a Speedstream 5861 which are quite stable AND an “approved” router because it was originally bought from Ameritech with the circuit. I would dearly love to change to the Cisco 2601 I’ve got with the ADSl card in it but I can’t do that until I can prove to AT&T that the problem is on their end.

And they don’t want to listen to me so around and around we go.

I may reduce my spending even further and change to another provider. It’ll cost a not insignificant amount more money ($90+ vs. $65+/month) but at least I won’t have to deal directly with AT&T and I know that people like Covad have better routers in place even if the last mile is still owned by AT&T anyway.

Once again the actions of idiot corporations get me all irritated. B-(

Still waiting on the differential for my truck. Likely it will come in today or tomorrow and I’ll take Wednesday off to go get it. I’ve got to come in Sunday this week anyway so I’ll take one weekday off regardless. I’ve got to remember to take a flashlight with me so I can pop off the fill plug and check the gears before I pay for it. I obviously don’t want to spend for one that is broken inside.

Didn’t get anything done at home this three day weekend so as long as it’s not pouring madly when we get home I’ll do the garden hoses and some other things. I think I’ll seriously look at picking up at least one remote controlled valve so i can schedule watering for my garden automatically. Just not sure where to get said valve but I’m sure some home automation source has an idea.

I need to run fresh wire from the phone box to the partial basement. I’ve collected some discarded non-gigabit wire so i should have enough wire to do the job. I just need to get down there and do it. (I need to go down there to get the measurement for the furnace filter anyway. I’m just avoiding it because I hate spider webs.)

The UPS seems to be doing fine in the partial basement so I suspect the problem with it was maybe the heat of the garage or the wiring. Regardless it seems stable. Once the truck is out of the garage I really need to move the rack down there and start wiring it up. I’ll probably plug in each server to grounded X10 appliance modules so that as long as the one server is running I can remotely power-cycle any server that is plugged into one of those. Redirected secure shell access only of course. (Don’t want the average script-kiddie power-cycling my servers remotely.)

Still playing with the idea of doing up a web interface for the X10 stuff in the house. For some things that would be really cool. I could likely even get it to the point where I have a touch-screen interface in kiosk mode that allows for turning a lot of the house stuff on and off from one place. That would be really cool but I’ve got to wait until touch screen systems get really cheap or I get more money.
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