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Noisy toys for noisy boys...

July 8, 2008 11:08 AM

So I need to go out and get a small chain-saw to chop up the one branch that fell. I can’t afford to even look at one for another week at least but I’m thinking of getting one of the chain-saw attachments for my gas trimmer. Or more colloquially a “chain-saw on a stick”. That will be good for any simple pruning and so forth for now.

I will have to get a real chain-saw eventually though because we have a wood burning fireplace. That means firewood and that means cutting/chopping and splitting.

Not sure which one I’m going to get yet but I suppose I should, as usual, buy more than I need power-wise. It’s going to take several months but that’s how long I need to raise the money because I’m thinking of chain-saws in the price range of about $400 or so. I’d like to buy one that is going to last me for many years not just a few.

Regardless that’s a long-term plan so it’s not even on the radar for completion yet.

Weeded the garden yesterday after almost a week of not doing so and it was quite a mess. I also didn’t water the thing for three days over the holiday weekend. I fear I will only have one surviving pepper plant when all this is done. I did manage to get the soaker hoses installed yesterday but of course the end is about five feet short so I have to figure something out there. I can probably get another $5 soaker hose and cut it down to size then use a hose repair kit to close off the end properly. In fact that’s probably the best idea I’ve had yet so next week that’s probably what I’ll do.

I really need to get those rain barrels but they’re so damn expensive in the size and color that I want. Each barrel will likely cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 - $100. Not cheap but I don’t want black barrels because of the heat factor and I don’t want blue or white barrels because they won’t match the house. What I need are the red barrels, 55/60 gallon, with a hose output on the bottom and a screen on the top. If I could find a cheap source of Grecian pepper barrels I’d just make my own.

Anyway what I’d do is link two of those at the bottom to a “Y” adapter so that they feed the soaker hoses in the garden. Definitely with a timer or computer controlled arrangement.

Still waiting to hear from the junkyard about the front differential. Supposedly it yesterday was the earliest he could get it so hopefully I’ll get a call later today. I’m not looking forward to the increased gas usage but getting back on my previous schedule is paramount at this point.

Found out that the attic fan is something to be added to our “things to replace” list for the house. When we moved in it was turned all the way up so that it wouldn’t go off unless the attic was 110+ degrees so I turned it back down. It turned on the other day and made nasty the-bearings-are-shot noises so it’ll have to be replaced. I’d really like to replace it with a 10W solar one but those cost about $350 so that’s out of the budget right now. And with potential wasp issues in the attic I haven’t gotten the test solar ridge vent retrofit installed yet.

More signs yesterday that we need to bug bomb the house soon. I killed three flying ants last night in the kitchen. They might just be coming in because we have a hole in the window/door screens or something so I’m not too worried. But my wife and I agree we’re going to have to bug bomb the house in the next month or so.

A most annoying process because as my wife pointed out we’ll have to wash _everything_ and box _all_ the food. Blech. I hate poisons.

In the meantime I bought one of the disposable wasp traps that I’m going to hang up in the attic to maybe attract them and kill them. I’ll definitely put it at the far end of the attic though as I’d prefer to keep them away from the opening.

I realized the other day that I haven’t written anything for the webcomic story nor the other story I started. I really need to get back to that but I think I’m stuck on the webcomic one because I haven’t drawn anything for it not found an artist interested in it. As for the other one it’s just too early to tell but I think I’m stuck on naming some of the random characters and on the need to research naval protocols.

*shrug* I’ll get back to both soon enough. Right now there’s a lot going on for day-to-day living so it’s not surprising that those things are on hold.

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Jul. 9th, 2008 01:39 am (UTC)
rain barrel kits
Yes, you should make your own rain barrel - it is not hard with a rain barrel kit from Aquabarrel. Not all rain barrel designs are the same - You might want to check out the rain barrel kits, downspout filters and downspout diverters from http://www.aquabarrel.com - oh, and don't forget to watch the videos - look on Craigslist for a barrel near you
Jul. 9th, 2008 01:57 am (UTC)
Re: rain barrel kits
I already knew about Aquabarrels but thanks for the link.

The problem comes from the fact that we have a red house with black trim and live in a suburban neighborhood.

So logically the only choice beyond painting your own barrel is one in either black, grey, or preferably red. A white or blue barrel would just stand out too much and the black barrel would be good if I were gathering water for a shower but would probably overheat the plants being watered.

As for diverting the water I'm all for adding more rain barrels. ;-)

Just kidding. I'll need a diverter so overflow will go out the regular downspout extension but I'm seriously trying to come up with a better solution. What I need to do is gather rainfall data to see exactly how fast one of these barrels fills up depending on weather.

A setup like this behind the garage would be great but I'm not sure how well that would work out:

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