nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

No lemons!

July 10, 2008 11:45 AM

Well I failed in repairing my truck yesterday. I’ve got all the parts I need but I can’t get the stupid CV joint flange bolts loose. So hopefully tonight I’m going to borrow an air ratchet and a torque wrench from a friend and break those loose. Once I get those and the u-joint disconnected the rest is simple muscle-work with the mounting bolts.

It’s been hot as heck in the house recently until I realized I was being stupid. I left the shades on the library up because I was growing the pepper seedlings there and forgot to put them back down so the house was getting a buttload of sunlight throughout the day and heating up. Oops!

Things in the garden are getting pretty big - except for the pepper plants of course. I’ll see if I can’t take pictures when I get home today. The one bean plant and the red raspberry plant both have these stupid shiny rainbow colored beetles on them that are eating the leaves. I’ll have to find a non-toxic solution for those.

In a related note - red raspberries taste great. ;-)

I need to get my soldering station set back up. I’ve got a number of different kits and projects I want to get done. Everything from an mp3 player compatible amplifier for the bike (30W) to an Arduino microcontroller. And I need to get back on track with a bunch of those.

I should get the X10 appliance modules today as I got a shipment notice yesterday. That means my no-ping reboot system will likely be put in place before the weekend. That’s cool because my connection usually goes down on Sunday morning until I reboot the router. It’ll be nice to wake up on Sunday and not find my connection down.

And those modules can be put on each of my servers as well which will be very very cool. Remote power cycling is something that I’ve always wanted for those machines but the network power strips are insanely expensive.

I managed to get some very cool solar walkway lights off of E-Bay that fit very well with our sidewalk. Only four to start. They look like someone cut a rectangular stone block near one end and inserted a circular frosted cylinder. Again, I’ll try and take pictures. The LEDs in them seem a bit weak but those are easily replaced. (Once again in need of the soldering station.)

Just ordered a replacement USB audio device for my Macbook. The Beringer (sp?) usb device frankly sucks. It seems to be passing some sort of electrical noise from the mic’s phantom power. I picked up an M-Audio unit for about $75 and that is the limit of my spending for the week on unnecessary things. Anyway the Macbook seems to have recorded well enough regardless but i really want to work with the professional mic.

Okay...I’m going to admit it here...I sing for my own enjoyment. Frankly I’ve never liked how my voice sounded when recorded but someone managed to convince me that my voice isn’t bad so I really want to try and record some of the songs I’ve written if I can. Depends on finding/creating music tracks for me to sing to. I might eventually pay for virtual instrument packs for Garageband to try and get some of the more common tunes I’ve written lyrics to imported from midi files. But that’s money I’m not looking to spend right now because music software seems to be moving the same direction as corporate computer backup software - expensive.

Regardless I’m going that direction. (No I will not send you recordings if you ask though if some of them work out well I may put them up for download.) I’m focusing on something for the Tom Smith Cover Project that Rob Balder is doing so that comes before the others.

*sigh* Back to mundania...
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