nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Clever girl...*BLAM!*

July 15, 2008 2:00 AM

One of the disadvantages of having a clever mind is that the subconscious has a lot more to work with.

As you’ll notice from the time I’m awake at 2 a.m. Yes, another nightmare.

This time I was in some sort of a cross between a casino and a hotel. The building was one of those old country mill style buildings - you know the kind - that has the white clapboard siding and is almost completely square but at least two levels high. This one though was up on stilts in a summer beach area and the bottom of it was a large and deep flooded basement. The proprietors used the flooded area to store boxes that needed to keep cool so he could save on electricity.

My partner in crime was some sort of errant adventurer - not an Indy type but one of those leather jacket “cool” guys.

So things are going well, we’re partying and suddenly my partner pulls me aside and says “The sharks are coming!” and then promptly heads off to get some weapons leaving me, of course next to the opening of the basement area.

Great. You can guess what happens next - someone jostles me and I fall in. Worse yet this is a party and some drunken sots won’t let me climb back out of the hole.

So this area is underwater but fairly well lit from ambient light of the floor slats above.

Can we all sing “Where are the sharks? Send in the sharks! Don’t bother...they’re here!” I thought you could...

(Note: The sharks didn’t sing - that was me just now. Though I can’t say I would be disappointed in my subconscious if they _did_ sing...)

I spend the next few minutes of time between taking in breaths of air at the floor level avoiding direct contact with them before I notice the stack of empty long cardboard boxes. (Presumably waterproof.)

“Aha! Sharks can’t swim backwards! If I get them in the boxes it’ll at least slow them down!”

As you can probably guess I spent the next half hour playing Trick the Shark into the Box.

Finally the drunken assholes above realized that it wasn’t a game any more and let me out.

This was also about the time my partner showed up with weapons and the sharks started ramming the floorboards in true horror movie fashion. I remember my partner toasting at least one shark before I woke up.

I’m gonna try to go back to sleep now and dream about something mundane thank you... ‘Night!
Tags: dreams
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