nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Sharks...why did it have to be sharks...

July 15, 2008 11:10 AM

So as one might guess having nightmares at 2 a.m. causes one to be tired at work. Go figure.

I don’t really have the time to but I really want to sleep in tomorrow as I’m off work. But...there’s a ton of stuff to do around the house and I _have_ to work on my truck tomorrow.

I didn’t get anything done when I got home yesterday. I was pretty damn tired and took a nap right away. Or at least tried to.

Regardless I can’t sleep in tomorrow so I need to make sure I go to sleep early tonight.

I looked at used vehicles online today and it looks like if I want another Dakota it’ll cost me about $5k this time for a decent one but that’s just at first glance. But I really don’t want to chunk out the cash right now. When we didn’t have the mortgage it was easy enough to pay those loans off quickly but now it’s obviously a little harder.

I do have another option through the credit union at work that we’ve taken advantage of before and that’s a car loan through them. It gets deducted from my paycheck automatically just like the personal loan so it would always be paid on time and the rates are comparable. It might be worth it for a newer truck than the one I’ve got but I really don’t want to add to our debt.

For now though I think the best plan is still to fix my truck and bikes and work with what I’ve got. The truck I’m fixing just to get me back on my schedule because it really eats a lot of gas. But once it’s out of the garage I should be able to fix one or the other of the bikes and get back on two wheels. Hopefully before it snows...

Devouring another anime - a weird “harem” anime this time. (Note: A harem anime is an anime that has a bunch of girls/guys fawning on a single member of the opposite sex. Or at least that’s the direction the story is written. Some of them are pretty blatant but most don’t contain any serious nudity or sex. That’s usually covered under hentai.) This one is fairly funny and totally mindless which is what I need right about now. I’m going to certainly mangle the title here but it’s Negima! and it centers around a young boy wizard teaching in a mundane junior high all-girl’s school. Hilarity ensues of course. ;-)

Like I said - mindless. Nothing wrong with that. And for some reason I laugh at one of the nicknames they call him - Negi-Bozu which is roughly translated as onion-head. For some reason that makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

I really want to start collecting anime again but it’s getting costly to do so and I just can’t justify the money. I mean rain barrels are going to cost me a minimum of about $89 or so a piece shipped. And I want about four of those for the house at least. Then there’s siding replacements which we may or may not get to this year and paint and a whole buttload of other little things that I just can’t begin to go into. With the truck running some of that cost goes down because I can get crate lumber from work but still it’s quite a bit of expense. Thankfully I’ll be able to put some of it off until next year but there’s a lot I want to get done _this_ year or that can’t wait until next year.

It’s always something...
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