nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

No Bradley for you!

July 19, 2008 1:24 PM

So with the $300 car gone the next best choice would be an $1800 white GT II in a suburb of Tulsa.

After crunching the numbers and getting transportation quotes I just can’t do it. Even with the guy dropping the price to $1500 I still can’t do it.

I’ve got the money - I wouldn’t even have to get a loan from the credit union - but it’s just not something I can justify right now.

It’s irritating because it’s one of the three goals I made a couple of years ago. So while I understand why I can’t complete the goal that still doesn’t make me bothered that I can’t. :-(

Finally got the damn armoire into the house today. That damn thing was heavy and wobbly and annoying as all fuck. And my back hurts.

But it’s in the house.

And that means I have “shuffle room” out in the garage. I may even start shuffling things today and see if I can’t somehow get the one workbench against the wall where it needs to go at the moment.

The “tobacco tea” seems to be keeping the beetles off the vegetables despite it raining well last night. It however is not keeping them off my roses even in areas where I sprayed. So needless to say I have my doubts about the “tobacco tea” but I’ll try it again in a more soaking manner since I bought a real pump sprayer today rather than the small spray bottle I used.

And with pesticides selling for $12+ a gallon you can bet I’m gonna try the “tea” again. Hopefully that will keep them at bay until I can pick up a bunch of the traps later in the week. (Of course the traps are annoying in their own way - I’ll have to throw away a multi-pound bag of beetles every day.)

Well I installed the grounded X10 module and the no-ping-reboot script and so far I haven’t woken up to a dead connection. But then I also haven’t gotten an e-mail saying the router has been rebooted either. So maybe a failure has just not occurred yet. I know that under testing conditions the script works so I really don’t have any doubts about it working when needed. It’s all pretty simple and that helps in almost any endeavor.

Watched Act III of Dr. Horrible today and I can’t help but say I’m pretty pleased! It was a pretty good musical and I commend all who worked on it. :-)

Blech. It’s grey outside. Not dark, not light, but grey. I think I’m going to go shuffle things out in the garage now...
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