nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Surprise bills and surprise chills and surprise...whatever...

July 21, 2008 12:19 PM

So we had a magical $550 medical bill come out of the woodwork. No biggie because we can pay it but it’s annoying to have a request for money come out of nowhere.

I likely won’t question the bill because it came directly from the hospital not a bill collector. I have this simple rule about bill collectors - I don’t pay them. As soon as I find out who the original debt holder is I pay them directly. Period.

I also don’t give out anything but my cell phone number now. I’m not having those fuckers hand out my unlisted/non-published home number to public lists.

I’m not adverse to medical bills but damn they’re high. But when you have to go to the doctor you have to go to the doctor...

Changed the oil in the bike yesterday and took her for a ride and experiences no problems. So maybe if it’s going to be warm and sunny this week I’ll ride her to work again. I think first though I’ll test ride her about 10 miles or so just to see how she acts.

Made wrist is sore today. It started yesterday and I think it’s just a little beat up. I really worked it Wednesday repairing the truck and Saturday moving the armoire into the house. So I’ve got a brace on it right now. I suspect I just exercised it a little too much. It should be fine in a couple of days. The brace certainly makes it harder to type though...

Anyway I’ve started cleaning up the garage already. I’ll sweep up the oil dry tonight hopefully after picking up a load of wood from my friends’ house. Then I can move the bike off to one side a little and start moving the rolling shelves around to reveal the rack so I can put that downstairs and the workbench so I can move that against the one wall.

I would really like to re-do the front window panes in the garage doors but that is not possible right now.

Oh well...
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