nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


July 22, 2008 10:56 AM

Technically it’s not my phone - I have an iPhone for work - but I’m still angry about it!

So I went through upgrading the software on the phone today to 2.0...and it drove me insane...

First of all the software upgrade bricked the phone. Now since the phone is a corporate phone I did nothing other than use it. I didn’t “jailbreak” it or “unlock” it. Nothing.

So it crashes during the upgrade and I have to go through a buttload of steps to restore it.

Between fixing the problem and putting all my data back on it that takes me at least two hours.

So I get in the car to go to the bank and I want to test the video playback of my anime music videos I’d been using on the iPhone previously.


They don’t even show up in the playlist _despite_ them being in the Movies folder on iTunes AND despite them being properly formatted for playing on the iPhone AND despite the fact that they all played fine before.

So what this tells me is that the 2.0 firmware upgrade to the iPhone _removed_ functionality I had before.

Not. Cool. Apple.

I’m an Apple enthusiast and have been for several years now but if they keep doing stuff like this I’ll seriously have to consider if I want to go a different path. Make no mistake - they still make the best computers on the planet in my opinion. But some of their actions as a corporate entity are just plain stupid.

I’m going to see if someone out there hasn’t come up with a workaround for this problem but I don’t hold out much hope.

On other fronts I will hopefully be able to buy the replacement motor for the lawn tractor tomorrow without much issue. I’d like to buy it sooner versus later so I can maybe work on installing it this weekend but that’s not very likely due to shipping times.

I _will_ pick up beetle traps tomorrow so I can get them put all around the yard. Supposedly they’re almost done with their “run” for this year but I don’t want to take the chance. And I still haven’t brewed more “tea” yet to spray with.

I need to mow tomorrow as well as break up the one branch. I also need to go pick up a load of the firewood from the two trees my friends cut down. There’s still a lot of it to split so I’ll probably pick up a maul and sledgehammer as well. No way I can afford a chain-saw yet but maybe next month. I’ll also need to pick up a tarp as well to keep the rain off of it.

Speaking of rain I really need to get all the gutter stuff done. There’s still some sections of the gutters that I haven’t gotten clean yet. I really need to walk the roof anyway just to see what I can see up there. And to install the one solar cell for the small vent fan so I can see how that works. I’m behind in that and a lot of other things.

I drew up a quick sketch for a decorative archway for the front sidewalk last night. I think it’ll look pretty cool. If I get time to define it better and scan it I’ll put a link up. It’ll basically look like an old stone arch of darker stone with three small mirrors on each side along the curve of the arch. There will be three triangles along the top of the arch pointing in. These will light up with a soft white/blue light at night. It’ll have decorative carvings on it. All-in-all it’ll look both cool and tasteful.

The trick will be what material to make it out of. I could easily carve it from foam and use hardeners but I want to use something more natural. Likely I will use wood and then treat it to look like stone or maybe pour the whole thing out of resin. I’ll have to look into it...
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