nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Back to the e-drawing-board...

July 24, 2008 11:16 AM

So my connection has gone down and I configured the no-ping-reboot script to reboot the router if it can’t reach the outside world.

And it’s been down longer than the script should allow it to be so.

So either the line is down for some other reason or the script isn’t working.


So that means I’m without a connection to my home systems for the rest of the day most likely and my wife can’t check her webmail. This sucks.

What’s worse is that I have no way of fixing it while at work because you can’t call AT&T about an ADSL circuit unless you’re on-site. They just won’t start the process.

Well my wife and I started taking more vitamins this week. We’re now both taking a daily pack of vitamins. In addition to that I take 5-htp and glucosamine. So it’s a buttload of stuff every morning. The body is taking time to get used to it as usual but it’s all for the better.

What we really should be removing is all sodium from our diet but that’s truly the hardest diet to follow here in the US because there’s serious salt in almost ALL prepared foods.

Got a bonus from work the other day and it was enough to order several things for the house including one of my red 55 gallon rain barrels. Supposedly it’s going to be delivered Parcel Post. ??? I didn’t know they could ship something that large by that method. Cool.

I also ordered 8 more of the cool solar lights I found so I’ll be able to line the front and side walkways with them. I like having the walkways lit because it adds a little extra light to the darkness. I’m just concerned that the ones under the maple tree won’t get enough sunlight to work right but these things are damn low power - one rechargeable AA - so I’ll wait and see. And if I have to go with powered lights I can easily retrofit the existing solar units as they are hollow plastic and pretty simple in construction.

I also ordered a small model of my old Dodge 024. I may never own that car again but it’ll be nice to have a neat little model of it.

My wrist is still a little sore from working on my truck and moving the armoire into the house so I’m dreading weeding the garden when I get home today. I have to do it though as I’ve forgotten to weed it and water it the last couple of days. Thankfully it rained so it’s not bone dry out there. But there’s a lot of added greenery in there that needs to be removed or it’ll cause me problems. Especially a morning glory that’s grabbed onto the one bean plant.

Didn’t buy beetle traps yesterday like I said I was going to do. Quite honestly it was because my hand hurt and I was being a lazy bastard. Them’s my excuses and I’m stickin to them.

Lunch is done and so am I...
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