nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Creative spraying triumphs...

July 25, 2008 11:17 AM

So remember how I sprayed the vegetables in my garden with “tobacco tea”? I sprayed the vegetables but not the weeds.

The Japanese beetles are now weeding my garden for me. I’m still going to buy the traps though.

I ordered the replacement mower engine this morning for my riding mower. I’ll be going from 12hp to 18hp so that will be nice. It’s a different engine design but all the connecting/mounting stuff should match up just fine.

I’m going to pick up my scroll saw this weekend because we have the money for it from my bonus. I think that’s the last personal thing I’m going to get until next check. I just want to get it now so I can construct the new shutters among other things. I also want it before I organize the garage so I can make a space for it.

On the garden front I have actual cucumbers growing as well as beans that I’ll harvest this weekend. No sign of actual watermelons yet but I’m patient. I’ve really let my peppers down in the weeding department so despite my wrist I’ll have to do that this weekend. There are tons of those jade-plant-looking weeds around my peppers so I suspect those are being crowded out. This whole garden is definitely getting plowed under come fall...

So after correcting my own stupidity in my noping-reboot script (I was using the wrong house code for the X10 commands) it seems to have worked just fine as of today. So that’s one thing off my list. I will likely put all the servers on X10 modules when I put them in the rack so that I can remotely power cycle them via an ssh session. I don’t know if X10 signals can travel through a UPS or not but I’m not going to take that change. I’ll be putting a filter on the plug of the power strip going into the UPS. That way any of the server related X10 commands don’t mix with the rest of the X10 modules in the house.

Need to pick up a full length ladder a couple weeks from now. I’ve been seriously looking at getting one of the funky folding kind because that’s all the height we need around that house.

I’m hoping that the rest of the solar lights will be here this weekend so I can finish installing them. They just seem to fit the house so well that I had to get more. My wife will bug me about it but I bought 8 this time. That will allow me to line the walkways at least though I’m still wondering how the ones under the maple tree will do over time. They don’t take much to charge but I’ll have to see how they do. And like I said I can easily convert them for standard low-voltage use. Though I will leave them LED if I do that.

Adjusting better to the added vitamins in my diet but I definitely have to remember to eat something when I take them. Forgot that today and was slightly queasy on the way to work. Thankfully I ate well last night so it wasn’t too long since I had food in my stomach.

Checked into prices for the replacement battery pack for my UPS and the best price I can find is $79. Since that’s about the price of a much smaller replacement UPS I will likely order that. I’m still kicking myself for not taking the extra external battery module when I picked up this UPS from the recycling place. Anyway I’ll get that ordered soon and get it installed so I can go back to having actual power-fail functionality on my systems again. I’d love to get a rack-mount UPS unit but they are damn expensive...
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