nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Holy Time Lords Batman!

July 25, 2008 10:30 PM

Just finished watching The Stolen Earth - the season cliffhanger of Doctor Who - and I’m pretty damned impressed with the writing that’s been applied to this season’s story arc.

I won’t give spoilers...promise.

The trend for this run of Doctor Who has been to write the doctor as more of a triumphant tragic character and quite honestly they’ve hit the nail on the head. For the first time in many iterations the Doctor is proven to be not as infallible as he has in the past, not as aloof, more...human...than Time Lord. And for what it’s worth I like the feet of clay. They suit him.

David Tennant in my opinion had a bit of a rocky start playing the character but thanks to what I can only describe as a natural talent for mercurial emotional displays he has put a face on the Doctor that will be remembered for quite a while.

And I think I know why that is. It’s because of all the actors that have played The Doctor he’s the only one who _wanted_ the part. He’s wanted to play the part for years and has said so on numerous occasions.

If you got to be the one fiction person you’ve always wanted to be wouldn’t you do a good job? ;-D

To be even more honest here I would love to be The Doctor.

It’s a little embarrassing but I carry a Tardis key with me wherever I go. I’ve always owned one since the late 80’s. The original one I got said Spirit of Light on the back of it and as worn as it is I still have it in my possession. I buried one - I’m not going to go into where or why. I currently have a modern pewter one (no lead content) that I wear that will go to a local fan once I get the other gold plated one in the mail.

Stop looking at me like that - I’m not nuts. ;-)

I don’t keep the key expecting a blue police box to appear out of nowhere. While the infinite randomness of the universe says it’s possible the odds are far more likely that I will gain super powers from a mutated popcorn kernel and be able to fly to another planet. Got it?

I keep a Tardis key to remind me of what’s possible. Because that’s what Doctor Who is all about - what’s _possible_.

The Doctor has traveling companions and has always had them. If you watch them instead of the doctor you notice one thing about them that is consistent.

They’ve all become more than they would have ever been had they not met the Doctor. There is not one companion that failed to grow in one manner or another. (Even Adric grew as a character before he died on the show.)

And while the growth companions experience can be attributed to just being “out there” it speaks to something in me and likely in all of the Doctor Who fans “out there”.

It gives us hopes. It gives us dreams. It gives us the ability to see beyond the end of our nose. We wouldn’t be attracted to the Doctor otherwise.

Heck even fans of The Master or one of the other Doctor Who villains are dreaming beyond the horizon - they just dream at the other end of the spectrum.

But they’re dreaming. And they don’t stop. And they shouldn’t. For even in dark dreams can come the flowers of inspiration and light. Decay of matter breeds fresh energy. One dream dies, another dream flares into life bright and shiny!

Some people try and convince me that we only go around this earth once. One life and that’s all you get.

They’re wrong. I’m sorry to be so blunt but they’re wrong.

Theology will run us in circles so let’s try science here.

I’m of the opinion that the universe we inhabit is ever changing but _complete_. Okay?

According to the rules of the universe as we understand them energy can be neither created nor destroyed - just transferred from one form to another.

So where does the spirit that inhabits a newborn come from?

Many theologies tell us that it’s created from scratch by whoever created the universe. I can’t believe or abide that.

That would mean that in essence the only way a new person comes into being is the maker(s) creates them. And when it comes down to it that makes us fish in a fishbowl. We die and whoever it is that runs the joint just adds more fish.

That’s a horribly wasteful system don’t you think? I can’t believe anything that would have created this universe would be so thoughtless.

Some would argue that we get “re-absorbed” into “The Whole”. And while that’s not nearly so wasteful it means that any individuality that we were is lost in some manner. That’s just another version of the fishbowl in my book. Worse yet it’s sad because we become small parts of a larger being that is either playing with itself or forgotten it’s grandness.

Nope. The only one that makes sense to me is that when we pass from one physical body we move on to another physical body. Now I’m not going to limit people so I won’t say what kind of body - I’ve met some awfully smart animals in my time - but most of the time it’s human to human.

Nothing is lost and we continue to grow with each cycle. As to why we don’t recall this completely you might want to think for half a second on what you had for breakfast 5 years go on a Tuesday.

See what I mean? Hard to remember right? If you can’t remember what you had for breakfast 5 years ago is it any wonder you can’t remember a previous lifetime?

In some ways we’re the mayflies of the universe...but we do all right when we put our minds and hearts into it...good or bad...

And in the end that’s how I judge us as a whole. Do we reach a balance.

The current score?

I see brilliantly bright shiny spirits out there. People with a core of brightness that illuminates all that they touch. And they are beautiful.

I see dark spirits out there. People with a core of darkness that engulfs anything nearby. And they too are beautiful in their own way.

The extra bright ones burn themselves out quickly. The extra dark ones turn in upon themselves.

And in the end...the balance remains.
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