nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Yet another reason not to use painkillers...

August 4, 2008 10:49 AM

So on last Tuesday I had a bout of pain due to The Stone and took a couple of Vicodin to handle it. Unfortunately that knocked me out for around 4 - 5 hours in the middle of the day.

So now my sleep schedule is screwed. I’m wide awake at 2 a.m. and tired by 9 a.m.

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all so hopefully when I get home today I’ll be able to wait a few hours and then crash into bed and wake up at the normal time. The hard part will be _not_ crashing the moment I get home.

It’s seriously raining today so at least the garden will be doing well. Unfortunately I won’t be able to mow...again...

Maybe if it’s not too rainy I’ll pull the lawn tractor into the garage and see about installing the new motor. I’ve got space to work on it now and it would be nice to be able to use the riding lawn mower instead of the push mower.

FWIW my mother pointed out that we have a tomato plant. I didn’t plant any tomato plants but we have one. Okay...

Thanks to some good advice from friends I’m going to be getting some screen and then opening up the gable vents in the garage to allow it to cool properly using convection. Eventually I’ll spend for two of the solar powered gable fans but they’re a minimum of $300 or so and that’s not money I can spend yet.

I was also thinking that since we need to replace the siding on the one roof area we might want to add a gable vent in that spot. I’m sure we can get one that fits the house or matches the ones on the garage. But again that’s money we can’t spend right now.

I have to buy yet another part for my Yamaha. Yesterday I went to take the helmet off the handlebars and it snagged the starter button. It still works but if I let go of it too fast it launches itself out of the control housing. So I just bought one on E-Bay for about $13 but it has a long shipment time so I’ll have to come up with a temporary repair until it comes in. Maybe I’ll just do what I did on my dads bike and put a central starter switch - waterproof this time - and label it Warp Drive or something. I’ll probably just wait for the button though.

Got a lot cleaned up in the garage yesterday. I managed to organize more than a few things. I need to start putting up shelves on the one side to put things like the automotive chemicals and cleaners and the like. That I should easily have the resources for even if I go out and get some pre-made shelves that I can just screw onto the one wall by the large windows. Once all the chemicals are out of the way I can move anything Automotive related to that side of the garage and pull the metro racks and couch and things out of there and get started on building the workbench. Basically move the stuff from the right side of the garage to the left and then move it back once the storage is constructed.

I’ll need to go out and get another pair of saw horses because one of my pair is currently holding up the motor for my boat. Anyway once I have those and a chalk line I can cut the plywood for the workbench surface and then start carefully taking apart the crate wood I got from work and using it for the supports of the workbench. The hardest part of that will obviously be all the nails and not breaking the wood taking it apart. Slowly using the rubber mallet on them should work fine though - the key word there being slowly.

I also need to remember to run network cable to that location so I can hook up the no wireless systems. The B&W G3 and the Sawtooth AGP have wireless cards in them but there’s no guarantee that they will be able to connect to the house network from the other side of the garage. Especially if they’re under the workbench. It might be worthwhile to get longer antennas for them. Maybe the directional ones that can be pointed at the house so they pick up the signal better. But failing that they both have good RJ45s on them.

So I put more X10 modules in place yesterday and scripted them. If I’ve done my job properly right now most of the small wall-wart chargers are off right now. I have yet to do the window fans in the house because they require changing out the outlets for grounded ones. I’m going to try and get that done this week in the living room but it’s not urgent.

I’m really getting into this automation thing. It’s pretty cool to be able to remotely control or program a house regardless of how limited that program is right now. Very cool stuff...
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