nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Wii are amused...

August 8, 2008 11:02 AM

As you might guess by the title, if you haven’t been living under a rock that is, we bought a Wii last night.

And I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. The thing is small, silent, and even cute. And quite honestly it gives you a workout in some games. And oddly Wii were having so much fun that Wii skipped dinner.

If you get going with the boxing or the tennis stuff on just the Wii Sports that comes with the unit you can actually work up a sweat. Wii haven’t bought Wii Fit yet but Wii certainly Wiil.

(Okay Wii will stop that now.)

I figure the Wii jokes will last about another week or so and then we’ll get back to normal.

I didn’t get a whole lot done in the garage last night except fix my ailing G4 by adding another drive and properly insulating the existing 73 gig SCSI drive in it.

It’s running but fracking VLC won’t play any audio consistently. It like to play once the not play a second time. Mplayer and others are fine. WTF?

Not a bad ride in on bike this morning even if I did leave later than I wanted to. It was warm enough for me to ride in without the sleeves on my e-vest. I really need to get the other bike fixed so I can trade off and not put so much wear and tear on only one of them.

I did manage to get the UPS batteries ordered yesterday so I should be able to repair that this weekend and hopefully get the rack started down there. It’s a pretty heavy rack even without the doors and empty so I may need help getting it into the basement.

I’m running out of time on getting my scroll saw but there’s a bunch of other things to buy right now like a replacement system for my mother’s computer. Right now she’s without one and that is a problem because she uses it for e-mail constantly. And worse yet she’s likely going to have to contact Google to try and get back into her account because we can’t recall her Gmail password. It’s possible that I might be able to recover it by luck because I just got one of my old e-mail addresses re-activated and I’m hoping it’s the one that her Gmail is using as an alternate e-mail address. But that remains to be seen.

I need to remember to water the garden when I get home today. I forgot yesterday. I’m getting lazy... I really need to get motivated. Hopefully this weekend will be good for me to get some stuff done.

I’m pretty sure some part of me is depressed again. I’m waffling over getting out of the I/T business altogether but haven’t moved in any direction yet and likely won’t for some time.

Sometimes I wish I could drop it all and just wander. Nothing else. Just wander. My itchy Romanian feet get to me sometimes. Sometimes it’s the smell of the wind. Sometimes it’s all the baggage of staying in one place. Sometimes it’s just a desire to see other places. *shrug* I don’t know.

What I do know is that I can’t afford to leave my job right now. At least not without having something else in hand. It’s not that where I work is bad I’m just getting tired of the I/T dance...

I want something that allows me to be just me and do what I want to do instead of all the things I have to do. Unfortunately I can’t find the one job that allows me to do that - partly because it doesn’t really exist - or even a good compromise of that job. Even a self-employed job has to deal with many subject that you do because you _have_ to not because you _want_ to.

I’m half tempted to just take the rest of the day off but I can’t. Too much stuff to do...
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