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Dreamlet - fight in a castle kitchen

August 11, 2008 1:56 AM

I was the wife of a vampire hunter. Not sure which one. I’m accompanied by a ghost of I think a monk played by the same sarcastic guy who played the butler in The Nanny. (Daniel Davis: )

His mother comes to the house and somehow we end up going to this old stone castle. (His mother is a vampire and everybody knows it myself included.) The entry of the castle has dual curving stairs and the space between them has long ago been converted to a kitchen style area. I think it’s a back entrance to the castle or something.

We’re waiting at the top of the stairs when his mother starts to get nervous like something bad is going to happen or like I’m suddenly smelling like a good meal to her. She starts to go slowly back down the stairs fighting the urge to return the whole way.

She gets part of the way down the stairs and suddenly the kitchen area is filled with a half dozen young female vampires. Because of the way they’re acting I can tell they are inexperienced. For some reason this galvanizes his mother into action to fight them and distract them.

I leap over the railing, somersault in the air, and land on the gas stove. I promptly turn on the gas stove which is fairly modern and it clicks and lights the burners. I then proceed to grab anything on the counter and start it on fire before throwing it at them.

I manage to get them all burning and head for the door. One I hadn’t seen was right behind me and suddenly tripped as I ran out the door - her foot caught on something.

I got the image that the monk ghost had tangled her foot in a cable or rope of some kind and she was stuck while I ran for safety.

(fade out as I woke up)
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