nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Damn vampires...

August 11, 2008 11:12 AM

That whole dream sequence this morning lasted all of about 15 minutes or so and I was awake for about that long afterwards but it interrupted my sleep enough that I am severely tired today.

We’re not getting enough soaking rain here again so I’m probably going to have to run the hose every day when I get home. That’s going to raise my water bill but I _am_ growing beans, watermelons, and cucumbers here so there’s no getting around the need for lots of water.

My wife and I agree on expanding the garden out to the edge of the garage when we till in the fall so that’s likely the plan. A friend of ours told me about a previous neighbor who still has a lot of treated deck lumber available from when he took down his above-ground pool. I think I’ll take advantage of that because I can always use that lumber for stuff around the yard and in the garage.

Still haven’t gotten the lawn tractor motor replaced yet. I’ll have to talk to my friend about breaking those motors in because the 18 hp is supposedly brand spanking new and I don’t want to ruin it right off.

I’m so tired out right now that I just want to go home and go back to sleep but I can’t. A friend of mine is coming to visit in September definitely and another friend is coming in the next two weeks or so. I really want to get the garage at least mostly organized before either of them show up. I’d love to get an A/C unit in there before then but that’s not likely.

Which reminds me that I have to purchase some screen this weekend for the gable vents on the garage so I can open them up and not worry about getting bugs in them. I’ll eventually put shutters on the inside of them so that they can be closed for winter but right now I need the ventilation in there badly. The tiny solar fan in the window is helping a little but not all that much. It _should_ be in the ridge vent but I want to do other things with that so I want to keep the shaft clear of obstructions.

Went and shot some arrows with my dad and a friend at a (relatively) nearby archery range. Man I’m out of practice. I actually tore up the side of my right index finger because I wasn’t used to drawing the bow any more. That and I found out a number of things about how I shoot.

For one I found out that I’m not really aiming so much as shooting by instinct. The less I aim the better I do.

Secondly my uncle must have taught me on a 30 yard range because I’m more accurate at that range than on the 20 or the 10.

Finally - the bow I use that used to be my uncle’s bow is NOT a true compound bow. It’s more like a recurve bow with pulleys. It has NO let-off. This means that when I draw that bow I’ve _always_ got the full force of the bow in my hands. This is extremely tiring but quite frankly I thought ALL compound bows were like that. I didn’t realize how different it was until I tried my friend’s bow and pulled it all the way back...and the pressure I’d always felt disappeared. Gone. That was an interesting experience.

But all this explains a lot of why I got complaints from the gym teachers in high school when we did archery. They always complained that I pulled the bow too far back. The one guy was flabbergasted when I asked for the biggest bow they had (45 # pull) and proceeded to hit bulls-eyes with it.

Regardless I’ve missed doing this so I’m likely to do it again now that it’s available. The initial cost in arrows and misc was about $70 total but from this point on I likely won’t need anything unless I lose more arrows (I killed one and lost one) or until I buy my recurve.

I really want a Hungarian style horse bow but I can’t seem to find one made completely of wood. They all seem to be made of a combination of wood and fiberglass and that just doesn’t feel right to me in some way.

I still plan on making my own bow someday but right now that’s far off in the future...
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