nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The Mikester...makin progress...

August 12, 2008 11:04 AM

I managed to make some progress in the garage yesterday and I should make even more tomorrow.

I got the initial shelving “Z” brackets up on the West wall to the left of the window. Once I cut wood this afternoon or tomorrow I should be able to stack stuff on those shelves and get rid of at least one set of wire-rack shelves. That will give me even more room to continue organizing things. With any luck I can get started on the computer/electronics workbench out there soon. I’m definitely going to contact our former neighbor about the treated lumber he has lying around.

Regardless it’s good progress made and I hope to make more progress tomorrow.

Got the UPS replacement batteries yesterday for $68+shipping and installed them in the UPS. They appear to have charged okay but I have to check them when I get home to see if it’s doing that funky power-cycle thing or not. Even if it is all I have to do is order a replacement UPS that uses the same battery packs which will cost quite a bit less though it will delay me until next week due to finances.

Since my friend is going to be visiting on his way from other places I may conscript him to help me move the rack down into the basement and string some cable. ;-) He’s going to hit us on the way back from where he’s headed so likely next week some time. He’s leaving to go up there on the 18th so I can likely expect him the weekend of the 24th or so and probably not before that.

Anyway the house is coming along nicely if not as quickly as it could be. This too shall pass.

We’re a little cash poor so I’m waiting on buying more stuff for the house. This too shall also pass.

It’s amazing how much better you get at managing money when you buy a house.

For instance you become concerned with the oddest things - I left the soaker hoses turned on last night and now I’m wondering how much larger my water bill will be.

Hopefully that water helped my cucumbers because they were looking a little dry when I saw them last. It’s also supposed to rain the rest of the week as well so that should help. I also have to see how big the watermelons are as well. I think the Midnights are going to be crowded out even if I give them a hand but I’ll have to see when I get home today.

I wonder if anybody I know has any scraps of screen that I can staple on the inside of the gable vents. I don’t want to open those up without having something to screen them off with and I really don’t want to spend a lot of money at the moment. But the amount of screen I need is only about 24“ square at most. I’ll measure it tonight and check the trash on Sunday. I don’t need the screen intact along the edges because I’m going to be stapling it to the frame of the vent.

And even if I have to spend for some I can wait until this weekend to buy it. Waiting though is of course always the hardest part...
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