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August 14, 2008 11:22 AM 8/14/08

Got the kitchen better organized yesterday. I managed to unearth *gasp!* counter space!

Still working on the garage though. I should have at least one of the wire rack shelves taken down by the end of this week though I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the workbench constructed. I may have to put some more of my equipment up in the rafters until I’m finished. No big deal as there’s plenty of free space up there.

My friend from Florida should be here some time next week. I’m rescuing a local IBM RS/6000 system for him to take back with him when he stops by. That’s a fairly large cabinet but he says he has space to fit it so the rescue is a go. (He’s also going home with a Halicrafters TV and two tube amps if he has room - he just doesn’t know it yet.) I’ll hopefully rescue it on Sunday since it’s in Palatine and I’m in Rolling Meadows for work.

Did minor weeding yesterday and left the soaker hoses running a good long while so that should help things a bit out there. The watermelons are still about softball sized and it looks like I have plenty of VanDoren ones but only one or two of the Midnights. I’m going to try and weed more this weekend but there’s a lot going on and it depends on the date of a visitation/funeral for a friend that I just found out passed on recently.

It was not unexpected as she had been sick for quite some time but as usual it sucks to lose a friend. May her journey to the next life be peaceful.

The rain barrel got some water in it yesterday due to the rain but I can’t let it get much more in it until it’s permanently placed and that requires the chunk of tree trunk a friend is supposedly cutting for me. Once it’s seated on that it can fill to its heart’s content.

Opened up the back gable vent yesterday to find it already has a screen on it. Now I just need to get the solar gable fan eventually and make a sliding cover for it for winter. The ridge vent is enough to vent the moisture during winter while the garage is being heated so I can safely close the gable vents and retain the heat.

I should be able to start shuffling things in there much better once I get rid of the one set of metro-racks. Right now the stuff that’s really in my way are the sheets of plywood that I need to use to construct the workbench and other things. I’m seriously considering a way to strap the damn things to the ceiling to get them out of the way but then I’d never be able to get them down without dropping them on myself. Hmm...I wonder if I can put them in front of the other wood just behind the right-hand garage door. That sounds like a workable idea because it gets them out of the way until I can use them and that’s what I need right now.

Oh and for the record the cheap plastic current generation sonic screwdriver LED flashlight is actually pretty cool. I’ve got one in my pocket right now and while it’s only a single LED light it’s more than bright enough for casual use and just looks cool but does not make noise. (I’ll order the noisy one later just so I have the sound generator. ;-)

Y’know...with a small microcontroller and an smc RFID transmitter you could use a sonic screwdriver to control quite a bit...
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